Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1184

Chapter 1184 A Scamming Task 1

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When Fatty Wang heard that, no matter how stupid he was, he also came around it as joy filled his eyes.

“Yes, if Young Sect Master were to see anyone entering his room which he disallowed from entering, being intruded by an outer disciple who was tasked to clean up, then he would absolutely fly into a rage! Ye Xiao absolutely would be chopped into two part by Young Sect Master!”

The more Fatty Wang thought, the more exquisite he thought the plan was, as he kept prancing about in the room, as he began to rain all sorts of praises onto Administrator Chen.

“Uncle, you’re just too smart, this borrowing knife scheme, is simply perfect! This time Ye Xiao is a goner. No matter how much innate talent she has, but in front of Young Sect Master, no one is able to withstand a single blow at all! She’s definitely dead, ha ha, she’s definitely a goner! Wretched slut, who asked you to ruffle with this Sir Fatty. This time round, just go to hades and cry, ha ha ha ha!”

On the second morning, Huang Yueli got up rather early.

The night earlier, she had already gotten notification to report to Administrator Chen’s courtyard as he was going to officially arrange all sorts of factotum for the outer disciples today.

Huang Yueli took her breakfast and headed off together with Su Qingyue and Yu Xinyang.

When they walked to the courtyard, a few other newly advanced disciples from Celestial Light Academy were also preparing to set off, and when they saw Huang Yueli, all of them started to head over to greet her.

“Junior Sister Ye, have you rested well yesterday?”

“Junior Sister Ye, it was all thanks to you yesterday, at least we don’t need to be chased out.”

“That’s right, Junior Sister Ye, at least we don’t need to kowtow to anyone, and that’s already the biggest advantage. As for other disadvantageous parts, we just need to bear with it. Anyway they don’t dare to go overboard!”

After the conventional greetings, someone patted Huang Yueli’s shoulder as she gave advice with a deep expression.

Huang Yueli was totally puzzled when she heard that and asked curiously, “What do you mean by other disadvantageous parts? What did that mean? How come I don’t understand you at all?”

The person who said the only female student in the Martial Arts Stage top ten, Su Jiasheng.

“Junior Sister Ye, we also got to know about this yesterday. That Fatty Wang yesterday, was not only the grand-nephew of Elder Wang, he is also the nephew of Administrator Chen. Administrator Chen is responsible for managing us, and the factotum which we will be arranged to do from now on, will all be arranged by him personally!”

Huang Yueli blinked, “I really couldn’t tell that, Fatty Wang indeed has some backing!”

Su Jiasheng continued, “Isn’t that so? So, yesterday night, Fatty Wang had already sent someone over to scare us, saying that Administrator Chen wouldn’t sit and do nothing about our evil deeds. So today when arranging the factotums, he will definitely show us some colours!”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she frowned, “This fellow, is there an end to this? Simply looking for death, or must I go and punch him one more round?”

Although she really wasn’t willing to deal with rubbish like Fatty Wang, because this was simply too degrading!

But, even if it was one unremarkable mosquito which kept buzzing by her ears daily, that was also very irritating alright? It was so irritating that it really made someone wanted to slap it to death!

When Su Jiacheng heard that, she immediately became anxious and hurriedly persuaded, “Sigh, Junior Sister Ye, you usually look like a prudent person, but ever since you entered Qi Deviation, why have you become so rash? Don’t be rash to look for Fatty Wang, do you hear me?”

Huang Yueli went into a blank, “Why say that? Surely you all don’t want to be allocated some disgusting factotum right?”

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