Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1186

Chapter 1186 A Scamming Task 3

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“Right, to accompany them for training… isn’t this task a little too terrible? And to accompany inner disciples to train! An outer disciple like him over there, isn’t he there just to be a sandbag for them? I think he’d probably be beaten up badly every day, so isn’t this a scam or what?”

“But I heard that Fatty Wang went over to extort protection fee from the Celestial Light Academy’s courtyard, so make a guess what happened in the end?”

“I heard about it too. It’d said that they refused to pay the protection fee and even beat Fatty Wang up! This guts… isn’t it a little too fat! Who doesn’t know that Fatty Wang is the leader among the outer door, furthermore he’s even Administrator Chen’s nephew?”

“I’ve heard that it’s not only like that. Someone said that there’s a powerful top expert among them and that person killed Fatty Wang’s silver wolf!”

Hearing that, everyone present drew in a mouthful of cold air!

“There’s such a matter happening? No wonder Administrator Chen is treating them in this way? I think this Yuan Zeyu sent over to accompany them for training, is not going to be a mere sandbag, his life would probably be in danger!”

The crowd’s glare towards Yuan Zeyu, contained some traces of sympathy.

What others were discussing about, wouldn’t Yuan Zeyu knew it for himself? But if he wanted to continue staying in Celestial Light Sect, then he absolutely cannot refused such a request!

Administrator Chen saw that he didn’t said anything and continued to pressure, “Yuan Zeyu, why aren’t you coming to receive the task token? Are you dissatisfied with the task which I’ve allocated to you? I’m telling you, Celestial Light Sect is not for you to play here, if you’re not willing to do this small thing, and even wanted to pick the fat and juicy jobs but ignore the thin ones, then you might as well scram back to Sky Cloud City!”

Yuan Zeyu’s expression turned even uglier still.

In Sky Cloud City, he was held up towards the moon in both hands by the masses, so when had he ever suffered such humiliation before?

However after an intense battle in his heart, he still decided to endure! He came over because he wanted to pursue a higher realm in the cultivation path, and how would such small difficulty possibly defeat him?

“Yes, this disciple accepts!”

He received the task token and clenched it tightly, as he turned around to leave.

Fatty Wang was hiding in the dark and when he saw his steady footsteps, he sneered in his heart: Good that you’ve accepted the task. By then, he’d find someone to thoroughly entertain this Junior Brother Yuan!

But Yuan Zeyu wasn’t his most hatred person, so Fatty Wang hid in his corner, not making any moves, waiting to see Huang Yueli get into trouble.

Whereas Huang Yueli was actually watching Yuan Zeyu’s departing figure, as a gloomy cold glint flashed past her eyes.

Fatty Wang and the others indeed didn’t knew how to repent, and just did whatever they wanted to. Did they thought Huang Yueli was someone who they could trifle with? They’d better not move the stone to crush it onto their own feet!

Following that, the number of people who received the factotum tasks were getting more and more.

Among them, all the Celestial Light Academy’s disciples had received extremely dangerous, and low return factotums.

Anyone with eyes could tell that Administrator Chen was aiming them!

Celestial Light Academy’s people were rather tough, no one came out to beg for mercy, and had all received the task token without a single grumble as they left.

It was the other disciples below the stage who saw this scenario, they all intentionally evaded them, as though they contained some sort of virus on them, afraid of being infected.

Right until the end, when there wasn’t much people left, Administrator Chen then called out Huang Yueli’s name.

“Next, Ye Xiao. Your task is: to tidy up Young Sect Master’s residence and all the rooms and courtyard.”

When this sentence came out, all the crowd present were shocked, thinking that they have heard it wrongly.

By the time they could react, the stage below was already bustling.

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