Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1188

Chapter 1188 A Scamming Task 5

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Huang Yueli listened to Administrator Chen describing the task passionately, as her brow started to furrow.

She didn’t need to think before she knew that the factotum which Administrator Chen allocated to her, definitely has a problem, perhaps there was some sort of scheming plot involved.

Otherwise, even Yuan Zeyu and the rest were arranged such dangerous tasks, why was she the only one who was given a beautiful task? Not only the others couldn’t believed it, she wasn’t going to believe it anyway.

Only…. She didn’t know what these people were thinking of?

Although Huang Yueli was sceptical, her hands had already stretched out to receive the task token.

“Thank you Administrator Chen for your care! This kind of factotum, really isn’t found anywhere easily! You really take good care of me! I will work really hard, to make sure that Young Sect Master is satisfied!”

No matter what Administrator Chen was thinking about, this task to her, was totally advantageous for her, without a single disadvantage. It was simply like a cake falling right from the sky, dropping onto her head!

She was worried about how to meet Li Moying, and in the end? Administrator Chen specially gave her a chance, so that she could get closer to Li Moying openly!

Such a good matter, how could she possibly push it away, so she must definitely hurry and grab it!

As for what plot Administrator Chen and Fatty Wang were scheming…. Anyway they didn’t pose any threat to them. To her they were just two clowns so what could they possibly do to her? When she and Li Moying have reunited, then she naturally needn’t be afraid of them any further!

Huang Yueli was in a good mood, as her face couldn’t help but reveal a smile.

Administrator Chen watched her leaving with an at ease look, as he couldn’t help but sneered in his heart.

This wretched lass indeed hadn’t noticed anything wrong, and thought that she had been allocated a beautiful task, even smiling so happily! He he, just let her smile since she could, it was just merely for these two days. When Young Sect Master returns, she would immediately turn into a corpse!

After Huang Yueli left, the remaining outer disciples broke out.

“Heavens, have I heard wrongly? Administrator Chen actually arranged such an easy and good factotum task for Ye Xiao! Ahhh, why? Wasn’t she supposed to have a feud with Administrator Chen and the rest?”

“Yes, this is too strange! Could it be that, we’ve really misunderstood Administrator Chen? He doesn’t set people up intentionally?”

“But how about the earlier few, Yuan Zeyu and the rest, how do you explain theirs? Those accompanying to train jobs, are simply too dangerous!”

“Dangerous… it depends on how you read it? Perhaps Administrator Chen just wanted to train them? Otherwise…. to help Young Sect Master, sigh, how would such a factotum even be Ye Xiao’s turn!”

The crowd were chattering non-stop, and all of them were envious of Huang Yueli’s luck.

Fatty Wang was hiding in one corner listening, and he almost wanted to jump out and tell everyone that that little slut was going to be dead soon! Furthermore, this was the consequence of offending him Fatty Wang!

But he recalled Administrator Chen’s reminder, that before Huang Yueli reported to Li Moying’s residence, this matter absolutely cannot be revealed so Fatty Wang tried his hardest to control his mouth.

Hmph, just let you continue to be happy for these two more days!

In the early afternoon, everyone’s tasks had all been allocated.

According to Celestial Light Sect’s regulations, in the late afternoon, everyone will have to report to the respective factotum administrators which they were allocated to.

Huang Yueli was extremely excited as she casually ate a little lunch and ran over to report.

But unfortunately she had not met the person whom she wanted to meet.

Li Moying’s housekeeper was originally Mo Qi, but Mo Qi had been chased out to join the search party.

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