Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1191

Chapter 1191 Li Moyings Turf 3

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Huang Yueli was very delighted but the minute she saw Su Qingyue’s anticipated expression, she bashfully raised her chin, as she coughed lightly.

“Ughh, still alright…”

Su Qingyue smiled, “How could it be just alright? It’s rumoured that Young Sect Master’s residence is the best spot in the entire Celestial Light Sect. Taking a short walk to the back for around one quarter of an hour, would be the Reflection Sword Cliff, which is especially suitable for cultivation! Furthermore the rear mountain’s scenery is picturesque, which is the best place for lovers to talk sweet nothings to each other. But unfortunately, Young Sect Master will only be back tomorrow, otherwise, you probably won’t be back here to sleep tonight.”

Huang Yueli’s thoughts started to run amok, as her face flushed red.

By the time she regained her senses, she saw Su Qingyue with a teasing smile hanging on her face.

To hide her own embarrassment, she intentionally gave Su Qingyue a fierce stare as she said, “Stop talking nonsense! We don’t know what will happen tomorrow! Have you forgotten, Li Moying had a huge fight with me so he left Celestial Light Academy, which is why many people are saying I was ditched by him! Perhaps he’s still angry!”

Hearing that, Su Qingyue asked curiously, “That’s right, I haven’t asked you, why did you quarrel with Young Sect Master? And it was such a fierce argument, to the point of almost separating?”

“Ughh…. About this…”

Huang Yueli apparently couldn’t tell the truth, so she just casually found a reason to skimp over it.

“Anyway, there was a friend who went over to Celestial Light Academy to look for me some time ago, a male, after that… after that Li Moying misunderstood!”

This wasn’t considered a lie, anyway that was one part of the reason why they parted ways, although it was just a minor, very minor part of it.

Su Qingyue’s eyes opened wide like full moons, as she said in astonishment, “What? You mean, Young Sect Master had seen you meeting your illicit lover, so he was jealous then quarrelled with you?”

Huang Yueli replied unhappily, “What meeting illicit lover, I and Liu… ughh, have a pure friendship, no, it’s actually not even friendship, just mere acquaintance! As for jealous, right, he’s always been like that…..”

Saying that, previous life’s Mu Chengying also especially loved to be jealous. Any male creature that got close to her within one hundred meters would be slashed by his “eye-sword” hundreds of times, from three year old to three hundred year old, none were spared.

Huang Yueli bashfully expressed her discontent towards Li Moying’s jealousy, but at the same time, she intentionally left out the fact that her jealousy wasn’t any better…

Su Qingyue was filled with envy, “Really hard to imagine, that such a cool and stern man like Young Sect Master would be filled with jealousy, he must really love you dearly! Did you know that after you disappeared, he almost flipped the academy upside down completely! So many people sympathised with Young Sect Master! Rest assured, if Young Sect Master knew that you are back, he’d definitely be very happy, so the two of you will be able to reunite smoothly tomorrow!”

Huang Yueli actually wasn’t very certain of that.

Because the truth was very different from what Su Qingyue understood.

Regarding Li Moying’s previous life’s secret, he himself couldn’t recall it, so she wasn’t sure if he would believe in her words?

Would he felt that she was playing a trick on him?

After all, the one who said she hated him, and then now the one who said she liked him… was her!

If their roles were reversed, she would probably feel that the other party was temperamental, simply toying around with her feelings!

Would Li Moying not believe her?

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli started to get apprehensive.

“Knock knock knock!”

Just at this moment, a knocking sound resounded.

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