Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1193

Chapter 1193 Li Moyings Turf 5

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When Huang Yueli heard that this topic reverted back to her, she could only cough dryly, “Right, I also feel the same way!”

“Ai, Young Sect Master is really sentimental, what dog sh*t luck did Bai Ruoli ran into, to be able to make Young Sect Master linger over her for so long? Furthermore…. Furthermore although this doesn’t sound nice, but I feel that…Junior Sister Bai probably is a goner!”

Huang Yueli didn’t felt anything but Su Qingyue was afraid that she was upset so she jumped up.

“What are you saying? Junior Sister Li will be fine! Her innate talent’s so high, her potential exceeds us by a lot, how could she possibly be in trouble!”

Su Jiacheng added, “I know you and Junior Sister Bai’s relationship is very food, but surely we cannot cheat ourselves right? It was rumoured that the person pursuing her is Vice Principal Ling, he is a seventh stage realm practitioner, won’t killing her just be as easy as lifting a finger? Moreover, Young Sect Master sent so many people to search for her, and yet they haven’t found her yet! If she was alive, she would definitely try to find a way to contact Young Sect Master right?”

Su Qingyue wanted to add something more but was held back by Huang Yueli from behind.

Huang Yueli gave her a “keep calm, don’t get impatient” expression, as she turned around smiling, “What Senior Sister said makes sense.”

Su Jiasheng sighed again, “Anyway, it’s a pity for Junior Sister Bai! But after something happened to her Young Sect Master is definitely in a thunderous mood, so if you were to continue staying around Young Sect Master doing stuff, it’s simply too dangerous, not knowing when you’re become his punching bag? Furthermore from Fatty Wang’s meaning, they will intentionally go stir up trouble in front of Young Sect Master. You don’t know the inner zone’s interpersonal relationship in Celestial Light Sect, so sooner or later, you’d commit some offences!”

“Junior Sister Ye, yesterday you stood up at the crucial moment and saved everyone. I’m very grateful to you, so this time I sincerely give you a piece of advice. The water on Young Sect Master’s side is too deep, you can’t go in and it’s best that you don’t! Go change to another factotum, even though it’s slightly tougher, but it’s much better than throwing away your life!”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she didn’t felt that there was anything to be worried about, but as her curiosity was piqued, her mood started to turn for the better.

She knew that Su Jiasheng came out of kindness, so she didn’t rebuke her and only replied, “Senior Sister, thank you. I will consider this carefully.”

Su Jiasheng saw her calm and composed look, and knew that her words had not reached her heart.

The opportunities around Young Sect Master was indeed much more, and it was normal for Ye Xiao’s refusal to leave, but…. it was a waste for such a talented young lady…

There was nothing much she could say anything so she only heaved a long sigh, as she left.

After Su Jiasheng left, Huang Yueli and Su Qingyue exchanged glances, as they both felt it was slightly funny.

Su Qingyue said, “I totally couldn’t tell that Su Jiasheng was actually a kind hearted person. Usually in the academy, I felt that she was an aloof person!”

Huang Yueli laughed, “Aloof or not, that would depend on the environment and the other party! Now in Celestial Light Sect, she belongs to the weaker group, whereas my potential is much stronger than hers, so she would naturally find a chance to deepen the relationship with me! Alright, we’d better get some rest, tomorrow…. I have an important matter to deal with!”

The night went past just like that.

When Huang Yueli woke up early in the morning, she wasn’t able to go to Li Moying’s courtyard immediately.

Because, Administrator Chen had sent a message early in the morning, saying that it was an important day when Young Sect Master returned to the Sect.

All the newly ascended outer disciples, had to line up at the front of Celestial Light Sect’s front mountain door to receive him.

On hearing this, many of the outer disciples were excited.

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