Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1194

Chapter 1194 Focus Of Attention 1

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Young Sect Master Li Moying was South Sky Region’s number one genius, his name was renown and absolutely not merely a false reputation.

He was the person whom all the disciples in Celestial Light Sect admired.

Especially for those Celestial Light Academy students, they had unknowingly spent several months together with Li Moying in the academy, and personally witnessed his extraordinary powerful ability, so their admiration towards him, was much more than others!

From early morning, a large group of outer disciples had on Administrator Cheng’s request, dressed in the Celestial Light uniform robe, lines up neatly into different groups, as they waited at the mountain door entrance.

Huang Yueli was mixed among these people, and thought it was just a short wait, but in the end, they waited and waited, all the way till mid-afternoon, but had not seen any traces of Li Moying.

Her legs were aching from the standing and she gloomily ridiculed, “Li Moying really puts on some airs! When is he going to arrive? He actually made everyone wait for such a long…..”

“Shut up!”

Huang Yueli suppressed her voice as she spoke to Su Qingyue, but unknowing when, the outer disciples behind her heard what she said.

“You’re merely a newly joined outer disciple, how dare you be so disrespectful towards Young Sect Master? Do you know how talented Young Sect Master is, and how powerful he is? An exceptional genius like him, should be sought after by everyone, he’s a role model whom we should learn from! I’m willing to stand here to wait for his arrival, to be able to welcome Young Sect Master, it’s our glory! If you don’t want to come, you can go back, there’re plenty of other people who wishes to come!”

This disciple spoke with justice, as it gave Huang Yueli a shock.

She instantly shut her mouth, not daring to say anything more, in case anyone else heard it and gave her another lecture.

She had not expected Li Moying to be so popular and adored in Celestial Light Sect, these outer disciples were simply blindly admiring him! Li Moying indeed was a genius, very powerful, but not as exaggerated as what that person had said…..

Su Qingyue saw her beaten look, as she couldn’t take it and laughed secretly.

Huang Yueli felt like she was going to vomit out blood, what was this, she couldn’t even ridicule her own man!!!

It was close to a quarter to eleven o’clock when Li Moying finally came running late.

His flying ship descended in front of Celestial Light Sect’s mountain entrance, causing everyone to compete for his attention.

“Young Sect Master’s arrived, finally arrived!”

“Hurry, hurry, hurry, move aside, I gotta take a close look!”

“It’s rumoured that Young Sect Master is exceptionally good looking, none was comparable, South Sky Region’s number one handsome male! I’ve got to take a clear look!”

So many young ladies were squeezing forward agitatedly, worried that they weren’t able to see clearly.

As the flying ship descended, Huang Yueli’s heart started thumping hard!

Even though she had met Li Moying countless times, but this was the first time in her two lifetimes, to admit that she liked him, so this was also her first time welcoming the person she liked.

This kind of feeling…

“Wow, Sister Li, your face is ref!” Su Qingyue laughed.

Huang Yueli’s embarrassment turned into anger, “Shut up!”

Li Moying’s figure appeared on the empty land in front of the mountain entrance, he was still dressed in a dark robe with gold trimming, which accented his jade-like complexion, his handsome features and perfectly sculpted contours, without any flaw, an exquisite piece of work with great care.

He slowly walked towards the mountain entrance, that cold, proud, almighty presence, was unleashed as he moved.

Even though he was gifted with such suave looks, from certain angles, he looked much prettier than a young lady, but everyone could distinctly felt the superiority presence which was emitting from his bones!

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