Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1196

Chapter 1196 Focus Of Attention 3

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When Huang Yueli heard that, her expression turned slightly ugly.

Great, it seemed that when she wasn’t around, Li Moying actually flirted around!

Su Qingyue was secretly looking at her expression as she whispered, “Why would Young Sect Master bring Murong Fei along to train? I think these are all rumours only, so don’t be angry!”

Huang Yueli replied, “I’m not angry! Of course I know it’s fake!”

Although she said that, but she still felt a sour feeling, so no matter what she still felt upset over it!

Su Qingyue was scared witless, not knowing what to say, so she hid by one corner not daring to open her mouth.

Unfortunately at this moment, Murong Fei appeared at the front mountain entrance.

She was dressed in a flowy yellow satin long dress, laced with chiffon, with delicate makeup as she put in extra effort in dressing up, taking elegant steps, heading towards Li Moying.

“Eldest Senior Brother, you’re finally back….”

Murong Fei’s voice was soft and sticky, gentle and soft, making one’s bones turn flaky from hearing it.

“Whoa, Eldest Young Miss is just so pretty and her voice is so melodious. It’s no wonder Young Sect Master is tempted by her.”

“Sigh, indeed, when people complete with each other, it will only infuriate one to death! Eldest Miss Murong’s background and innate talent are extremely outstanding, so she’s that compatible with Young Sect Master, as for us…. We’d better stop day dreaming.”

Huang Yueli was so angry that she clenched her teeth, as her eyes stared intently on Li Moying and Murong Fei’s actions.

Murong Fei walked in front, and leaned against Li Moying’s direction, attempting to stretch out her hand to hold on to his arm.

But, Li Moying seemed as though she didn’t see him, as he moved aside directly, making Murong Fei pounced onto empty space, and losing her balance, she almost fell flat on her face!

Seeing that, Huang Yueli then humpf, “At least you know your limits, didn’t try to get fresh with another woman behind my back!”

Murong Fei had once again been rejected by Li Moying and she was feeling extremely vexed, but didn’t dare to fly into a rage with him.

She bit on her lips, using a tenderly soft gaze, looking upwards at Li Moying, attempting to use her eyes to touch him.

But Li Moying didn’t even bother to look sideways, in actual felt, not only did he not felt any tenderness or feel touched, instead he felt extremely irritated.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Murong Fei was Sect Master’s daughter, he would have sent her flying with a slap long ago!

All he had on his mind was his missing Li’er, and originally he was already very frustrated. In the end a housefly kept buzzing around him, so how would it not make him even angrier?

Just as Li Moying was about to act up, Murong Fei seemed to have noticed something as she didn’t dare to be rash as she obediently stood there, opening her mouth, “Eldest…. Eldest Senior Brother, I’m here on behalf of my father to invite you. My father says, he has an important matter to discuss with you, so when you return to the Sect, to invite you over to his residence.”

Li Moying nodded his head, “Alright.”

He thought for a moment and said, “Forget it, I will go with you to Master’s place right now!”

Murong Fei was overjoyed as she replied, “Great, Eldest Senior Brother, then please come along with me.”

Normally even if it was her father who invited Li Moying, he would require repeated urging before he went, today he actually went over immediately?

Could it be that, it was really because of her personal invite?

Eldest Senior Brother really….. had given up on that dead wretched lass, and prepared to consider being together with her?

Murong Fei didn’t knew that Li Moying totally didn’t noticed her, but merely thought that tonight was a full moon’s night, so his illness would probably act up anytime now. After he recovered, he would still need to continue searching for Li’er, so he couldn’t afford to waste any time.

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