Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1197

Chapter 1197 Focus Of Attention 4

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So, it’d be best to take this opportunity to quickly deal with Murong De.

By the time Li Moying and Murong Fei had exchanged their last words, they had already walked quite far away, so those spectators at the entrance weren’t able to hear it clearly.

Everyone only saw Murong Fei and Li Moying exchanging several words, and subsequently Li Moying left along with her!

“Looks like, the rumours are true! Eldest Young Miss personally came over to receive Young Sect Master, and Young Sect Master left along with her immediately, are they going on a date?”

“Very likely! After all we heard that Young Sect Master had gone out for an entire month to experience training. As the saying goes, absence makes the heart fonder…..”

“I really envy Eldest Young Miss, this is called the perfect match, an ideal combination…..”

“No, impossible! Young Sect Master already has a fiancée, furthermore she’s not the Eldest Young Miss Murong who you all are talking about!”

Just as everyone were discussing in envy, suddenly, a disaccord voice butted in.

Huang Yueli turned her head to take a look and discovered the person talking was Yuan Zeyu.

The expression on his face was slightly stiff and his tone wasn’t good, “When Young Sect Master was in our Celestial Light Academy, he was already together with a Junior Sister. And because that junior sister went missing, he was searching everywhere anxiously for her! This just happened two months ago, so there’s no way Young Sect Master would have a change of heart so soon!”

Everyone was stunned for a moment and by the time his words were absorbed into his brain, they couldn’t help but started to laugh out.

“This Junior Brother here, what you say is really interesting! Young Sect Master likes a Junior Sister from your academy? How is that possible?”

“That’s right, the number of women who likes Young Sect Master are just too much! Those who could get close to him, are usually some daughter of some large Sect. There are plenty of ladies with excellent innate talent and peerless beauty, so why would he be interested in any ordinary young lady? It must be that lady who is bragging outside on her own, spoiling Young Sect Master’s reputation!”

“That’s right! The number of women who wants to stick to Young Sect Master are plentiful, she won’t be able to get her way!”

Yuan Zeyu’s righteous words, were in exchange for the crowd’s ridicule.

He was so infuriated that his face flushed red, as he contended on strong grounds. He treated Li Moying as his idol, but in the end, his idol was slandered to the extent of being a face changing scum, so how could he stand this?

But unfortunately, no one believed in his words.

Huang Yueli shook her head silently, as she was very clear on what the ladies’ way of thinking.

Murong Fei was Sect Master’s daughter, so her status was much higher than theirs. So, if she became Li Moying fiancée, then could at least comfort themselves, that Li Moying had married Murong Fei because of her status.

But if Li Moying were to marry an ordinary student who’s status just worse off than theirs…. Then that was something which they absolutely could not accept!

Huang Yueli was in a trance from listening when suddenly, she felt a pat on her shoulder from behind.

“Ye Xiao! Why are you still here in a daze??”

A voice snapped right from her back, giving her a shock.

“Who’s that??” She hurriedly turned her head back.

Administrator Chen was standing right behind her, as his expression was rather ugly and upon seeing her turn back, he immediately showered his verbal abuse at her.

“I say… what time is it already, you’re still here lazing around! Young Sect Master has already entered the Sect, what are you still looking at here? Still not hurrying up to go Young Sect Master’s courtyard to clean up one more round? Tonight, Young Sect Master will be staying in his courtyard, and if he discovered the room is messy and dirty, if he wants to blame us, who will be able to take up this responsibility??”

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