Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1198

Chapter 1198 Focus Of Attention 5

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Huang Yueli knew that Administrator Chen was intentionally picking up a fight as her face instantly sunk.

But the minute she thought that she was about to meet Li Moying, she didn’t have the time to bother about him, so she might as well just nod her head.

“Administrator Chen, it indeed is my negligence, I will go to Young Sect Master’s courtyard right now. I guarantee, that I will tidy up nearly, making Young Sect Master satisfied!”

Administrator Chen gave a cold harrumph as he said, “You’re already so passive and slack, how can I believe that you will work properly? Follow me, I’ll send you there personally and supervise you, so don’t even think of skiving!”

Saying that, he seemed as though he was really afraid of Huang Yueli running away, as he followed closely with her.

Huang Yueli was rather speechless. Even if Administrator Chen wanted to chase her away, she would beg to stay alright? He was actually afraid that she might slip away?

But, since Administrator Chen was really so enthusiastic, then it indeed proved that he was plotting something…. Yesterday Su Jiasheng wasn’t wrong in saying that…..

But although that was that, she still followed Administrator Chen, all the way till Li Moying’s courtyard’s entrance.

Administrator Chen then stopped his footsteps as he said, “Alright, not everyone can enter Young Sect Master’s courtyard, so I won’t be going in! Remember properly what I said earlier, tidy up each and every room carefully, not forgetting any corner, do you understand?”

“I understand!” Huang Yueli nodded.

Administrator Chen then gave a slight smile, “Alright, hurry up and go in, don’t delay Young Sect Master’s rest time! Remember to do your work properly, I will be watching you!”

All Huang Yueli had on her mind was to meet Li Moying, so she couldn’t be bothered to talk nonsense with Administrator Chen so she casually nodded and turned to head into the door.

Administrator Chen saw that she really lifted a cleaning clothe and pail in, as he couldn’t help but started laughing out loud.

Fatty Wang whose face was covered in scars, suddenly popped out from the side of the bushes.

“Uncle, we’ve succeeded right? Has that wretched lass really gone in? She will go and tidy up that secret room, right?”

Administrator Chen fiddled with his beard as he gave a slight smile, “I’ve specially instructed her to clean every single room, so she will definitely do as told! Earlier I saw that look in her eyes, when she was there welcoming Young Sect Master. It’s exactly the same as those love-struck lasses, hoping to swallow him in one mouth! She was especially worried that Young Sect Master would be dissatisfied, so she will try her hardest to make sure she does her work properly! So, she will definitely tidy up that room!”

Fatty Wang replied in a sour tone, “Why are woman all so superficial, only know how to like those handsome ones, and those with strong abilities. No matter how incredible Young Sect Master is, he would not take interest in them young lasses? Why is it that every single one of them, after they met hm, seemed as though they had taken a love potion?”

Administrator Chen said, “What does that have to do with you? Anyway, the greatest achievement is to exact your revenge this time.”

Fatty Wang immediately casted aside all other thoughts as he asked worryingly, “But, will Young Sect Master really kill her? If Young Sect Master finds out that we’re the masterminds behind, then…..”

Administrator Chen said, “This you don’t have to worry. Didn’t you see that Protector Mo Yi have already been sent to the water prison? Would this lass’s treatment be better than Mo Yi? Just be totally assured! We only need to come and watch the show early tomorrow morning! Perhaps, tomorrow morning, her corpse would be thrown out by Young Sect Master’s Shadow Guards! No matter what, she would be beaten up badly, and her meridians and Profound Energy would be crippled!”

The minute Fatty Wang thought of this, he started to get excited.

“That’s great, I’m going to bury her as a funerary object for my silver wolf!”

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