Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1200

Chapter 1200 Third Miss Youre Still Alive? 2

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If a thief were to enter the medical room to steal anything, then he probably hadn’t even stepped into the room door before he was turned into a beehive by the flying darts mechanism!

And in the front of the medicinal cabinet, there were large amounts of array set up, which could confuse one’s sight.

Unless Li Moying personally led the person, otherwise, most people were not able to find the medicinal cabinet!

But now, this exquisitely set up mechanisms, seemed as though a child playing house, spoilt by someone’s casual wave of hand??

While Mo Qi was left dumbstruck, Huang Yueli took out another bottle of medicine from the other side.

“This is the medicine which Liu Buyan prescribed for Li Moying right? It smells exactly the same as what I had smelled previously! Speaking of that, today is full moon’s night, has Li Moying taken his medicine? When will he be back?”

Hearing this, Mo Qi seemed as though a lightning had struck his brain silly, as he finally regained some consciousness.

Combining all the things which the young lady said earlier and adding on to her casual way of breaking a high levelled array and the sight and ability to see a mechanism, his brain revealed a name!

A name of someone…. who had been missing for some time!

“Bai…. Third Miss?? You’re Third Miss Bai??”

Huang Yueli then raised her head up and smiled at him as she said, “Isn’t that me? Although I know, we haven’t met for such a long time, and everyone definitely misses me, but surely you don’t need to show me this expression as though you’ve seen a ghost, right?”

Isn’t this considered as seeing a living ghost?!

Mo Qi felt as though he was about to faint from fright, as he took several deep breathes, and speaking in a quivering voice, “Third…. Third Miss, why are you here?”

Huang Yueli replied, “I heard that you all had been searching for me, and I’m worried if I go and look for you guys by myself, I might miss you all again, so I just came directly to Celestial Light Sect and wait.”

Mo Qi still hadn’t gained back his senses, “But…. But… aren’t you being pursued by Ling Wenbin, and after that….. after that you disappeared? Where have you gone to? Why were we not able to find you at all? And, where is Ling Wenbin right now?”

Huang Yueli smiled as she responded, “You just pile one lump of questions, so how do you want me to reply? This is a long story… when I have time in future, I’ll explain then. Now, can I trouble you to look for Li Moying urgently, and tell him that I’m here, asking him to come look for me?”

Hearing this, Mo Qi seemed as though he was awoken from his dream as he immediately jumped right up.

“Right, right, this matter must be reported to Master immediately. During this period, Master thought you had died in Ling Wenbin’s hands, and was simply heartbroken! If he knew that you’re alright, he will go mad from joy! I’ll go inform Master right now! Third Miss, please wait here for a moment! Don’t move anywhere!”

Huang Yueli smiled, “Go ahead, where could I run off to?”

Mo Qi nodded, not daring to waste any time, as he slipped out from the house in a puff!

Huang Yueli stayed in the house alone, thinking that she was about to meet Li Moying soon, as her spirits lifted greatly.

She found some water first, and mixing it with the medicine, she washed off the disguise on her face, revealing a delicate, dainty face.

Due to the successful advancement, the seal on her Flame Spirit Physique had unveiled another layer, as her looks also became even more alluring.

As though a rose which shed its shyness, slowly blossoming, revealing a peerless glamour which made one enraptured.

Right now, her looks were already on a top rated beauty level.

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