Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1202

Chapter 1202 Third Miss Youre Still Alive? 4

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What West Sky Region’s Green Cloud Sect, the Sect’s life and death, as compared to Third Miss, was all a fart!

However, others wouldn’t think in the same way as him…..

So, Mo Qi was sorrowfully rejected outside the door, and no matter what he said didn’t went through.

But luckily, he was here to deliver good news, so even if Li Moying wasn’t pre-informed about the news where Huang Yueli had returned, it was just a matter of being happy a little later, and it would not lead to any serious consequences. So Mo Qi didn’t take any drastic action, only walking around anxiously at the entrance of the main hall.

For Murong De to look for Li Moying, it was definitely for a huge matter.

Because beside the two of them, there were several Elders in the Sect, who were in the main hall, discussing for an entire day and still not coming out yet.

It was only in the evening around 7pm when the main hall’s door suddenly opened.

Li Moying’s tall statue, appeared from the entrance.

Mo Qi shot up like an arrow and was just about to open his mouth when he suddenly noticed that standing right beside Li Moying was Murong Fei!

The words which were by Mo Qi’s mouth, were swallowed back instantly.

Everyone knew that Murong Fei couldn’t stand all those ladies who appeared beside Li Moying, especially jealous of Third Miss. The last time she was in Celestial Light Academy, she even went to look for Third Miss’s trouble. And now, she was just standing there so if he were to speak about Third Miss’s whereabouts, would it cause trouble for Third Miss?

Just this but of hesitation from Mo Qi, Li Moying had already departed forward continuously.

Tonight, was full moon’s night and now that the day was starting to turn dark, there was a possibility that his Soul Detachment Illness would act up anytime, so he didn’t dared to delay any time, and must rush back to his own courtyard quickly.

Li Moying’s speed was extremely swift, even Mo Qi couldn’t catch up to him.

But, taking a turn of thoughts, wouldn’t Li Moying see Huang Yueli when he returned? There was no difference whether he reported or not, so he might as well stop pursing him.

But even though Mo Qi didn’t pursue, Murong Fei on the other hand followed him closely, blindly following suit by Li Moying’s side.

“Eldest Senior Brother, what do you think of it? Earlier, my father’s suggestion…. You don’t seem to agree to it totally?”

Li Moying replied coldly, “I respect Master’s decision, as long as he feels it can be done, I have no objection.”

“Really? But… Eldest Senior Brother, wait for me, you’re walking so fast, I can’t catch up at all!”

Li Moying’s footsteps were so brisk that even though he didn’t need to use any body movements or Profound Skills, Murong Fei was already having a hard time catching up.

Just a little while later, she was already panting hard, and so tired that her feet turned to jelly, as she shouted out from behind, hoping Li Moying would stop in his tracks.

But Li Moying totally ignored her, as he flashed and dashed into his own courtyard.

When Mo Er, who had been following Li Moying, saw Murong Fei’s withered look, a gloating smile appeared on his face, as he specially stopped and laughed, “Eldest Young Miss, thanks for your trouble, following my Master even though he’s gone back to rest! But unfortunately, today is full moon’s night!”

Murong Fei was filled with thoughts of following the man, and totally forgot what day was today.

It was only after Mo Er’s reminder when she suddenly recalled, and her expression instantly changed.

“Ah…. So…. tonight is full moon….. yes, it’s my negligence…..” Murong Fei immediately wiped off the sweat on her forehead, “Then…. I won’t disturb Eldest Senior Brother from his rest today, I…. I’ll go back now!”

Saying that, Murong Fei immediately turned around and ran!

What joke was that, when Eldest Senior Brother’s Soul Detachment Illness acted up, that was extremely terrifying!

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