Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1204

Chapter 1204 Ive Returned 1

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Immediately following that, the half opened door behind her was pushed opened with violent force and an overbearing and pure thunder attributed Profound Energy came charging mercilessly towards her back!

Huang Yueli hastily moved aside!

But the attack speed of the person behind her was simply too fast, as he used lightning’s power, giving out an air breaking sound!

Just hearing the sound alone made Huang Yueli’s scalp turned numb. She knew that she absolutely could not evade it so she could only chose to scream out loudly, “Li Moying, it’s me!”


When Li Moying was heading back from the outside, he already felt his head getting heavier and heavier, as there was a faint pain, which were the signs of Soul Detachment Illness acting up.

He tried his best to suppress this feeling, hoping that he would not lose his self-control so quickly.

But the more he tried to control it, the more uncomfortable he felt.

Just as his body was turning hotter and hotter, as the thunder attributed energy was about to explode out, he suddenly heard….. a noise coming from his house!

Furthermore, it was coming from his most valued secret room!

The items in that room weren’t extremely valuable, but it was all given by Huang Yueli to him personally, and those were all his warmest memories!

In future if he and Li’er were really to separate, then he would use those objects to curb his missing her!

But someone, actually entered that important room??

Li Moying hadn’t got the time to think carefully yet on why that heavily secured room which was set up with various arrays was opened up by someone. Right now his judgement had been invaded with the raging Profound Energy, and there was only one thought left, which was to immediately strike that daring thief to death on the spot!

How dare he touch the things which Li’er gave to him! It simply was…. dying ten thousand times wasn’t enough!

Li Moying instinctively struck his first move, and on seeing that thief about to be struck down, he suddenly discovered… that this thief’s figure, seemed a little familiar….

Following that he heard a melodious and ultra familiar voice, as it rang from not too far away.

“Li Moying, it’s me! What were you trying to do to me??”

That voice…. Was like a bolt of lightning in broad daylight, as Li Moying quivered and instantly awoke.

This… this was Li’er’s voice!

His body had already made a reaction over his brain, as he charged towards Huang Yueli immediately!

Thunder attributed Profound Energy had already left his body, and it could not be retrieved, but Li Moying’s own speed was much faster than the lightning!

He managed to reach Huang Yueli’s side on time as he tightly hugged her slender waist, embracing her as they rolled on the ground.

The lightning struck heavily on Huang Yueli’s original position, and there was just half a meter of distance between that area and where they were lying on. As for the mahogany table which was struck, it had already turned into a charred piece of wood, as it kept fuming choking smoke repeatedly.

When Huang Yueli turned back to take a look, and she immediately broke out in sweat.

Heavens, she knew Li Moying was very powerful but this was just too strong, and his speed was just too fast!

In the past, she had never experienced it personally and had just seen Li Moying beating other people up, so she didn’t know any better. Now that she herself became Li Moying’s attack target, she then realised the extent of how powerful Li Moying was!

Being the same seventh stage realm practitioner, in Ling Wenbin’s hands, not only was she able to escape, moreover under special circumstances, she was able to counter-strike beautifully!

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