Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1205

Chapter 1205 Ive Returned 2

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But when facing Li Moying, she didn’t even have a sliver of possibility to escape at all!

At the instance when she was enveloped by Li Moying’s overbearing thunder attributed domain, she had been locked in as his target, invaded by that invasive presence as her mind went blank and her body totally immovable, only able to stand still and wait for death to descend…..

This simply was…. too terrifying!

Even though she had escaped death, but just recalling it made Huang Yueli’s heart palpitate wildly as sweat kept sprouting.

It wasn’t only her who was anxious, Li Moying was in fact even more anxious than her. The arm which he hugged Huang Yueli’s slender waist, kept trembling non-stop.

It took quite a while later before he regained his composure, as he stretched out his hand and gently caressed her hair, as though he was afraid that she would disappear.

Such carefulness, made Huang Yueli’s heart quiver.

She hurriedly raised her head up, meeting Li Moying’s gaze.

She thought she would be able to smile and greet him, but the minute she raised his head, he saw Li Moying’s deep and painful black eyes, she couldn’t bring a smile to her face at all…..

After some time, a sentence was forced out of her throat, “Li Moying, I’m fine, I….. I’ve returned!”


Li Moying said one word, and immediately stopped.

Huang Yueli heard his gagged tone and instantly widened her eyes because she could tell that Li Moying seemed as though he was about to cry…..

She hurriedly hugged Li Moying, pouncing herself onto him, as she showed her pure and beautifully face which she had intentionally put on make-up in front of him.

“Hey, what do you mean by this? Aren’t you happy to see me at all Give me a smile?”

“Of course I’m happy… Li’er, you’re alright, you’re really alright?? Am I not dreaming about this?”

Li Moying locked her tightly as the force in his arm became stronger and strong, as though he was about to break her waist.

Huang Yueli originally thought about enduring it but Li Moying was so agitated that he totally forgot to control his force, and she couldn’t take it any further as she gave out a moan!

When Li Moying heard her moan, his arm relaxed a little, but didn’t totally let her go.

Huang Yueli wiggled a little in his embrace, in an attempt to struggle free.

“You let go first…. Wu wu!”

Following that, she had yet to finish one sentence before Li Moying moved closed to her and pressed his lips onto hers.

Li Moying’s kiss was very, very passionate, and extremely strong, overbearing, resolute, not allowing any rejection.

Even though Huang Yueli was in his embrace, she almost fainted due to suffocation, but what he did was only to release her for one breath’s time.

Just as Huang Yueli rose her head up to take in air, he had once again sealed her lips!

Once and again, repeatedly, as though there wasn’t any stopping at all.

After a long, long time later, Huang Yueli already lost track of how much time was lost, only knowing that her brain had already turned into a mess, other than Li Moying who was tightly holding on to her, there was nothing left.

Eventually, after Li Moying felt that missing corner in his heard had been slightly filled, he finally let her off.

By now, Huang Yueli’s lips had already turned into a bright red colour, as though it was about to drip blood.

She lightly pursed her lips, indeed, it had become numb with no sense of feeling…..

Huang Yueli secretly called him “beast” in her heart as she used her eyes to stare daggers at Li Moying, with the intention to express her fury towards him!

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