Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1206

Chapter 1206 Ive Returned 3

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But she herself hadn’t noticed that her pair of watery eyes, had already become blood filled due to suffocation and desire.

Her two eyes were bright red, like a rabbit, and that furious pressing and anxious look, rather than saying that it posed any threat, might as well say, it was filled with an unspeakable temptation…..

Li Moying saw this and there was a slight change in his gaze, as he suddenly felt that a certain part of his lower body, turning slightly rigid and uncomfortable.

But, now wasn’t the best time to get intimate…..

Being stared at intently by that pair of deep and penetrating peach blossom eyes, Huang Yueli felt like she was starting to lack oxygen once again, as though she was about to faint…

That pair of eyes was simply too beautiful, totally the same as Mu Chengying….. that kind of deep gaze which could enter one’s soul, was something which no one could imitate.

Huang Yueli’s little hand tugged onto his shirt at his waist and was just about to speak.

Suddenly, she heard Li Moying opening his mouth first.

“I’m sorry!”

Huang Yueli went into a blank before she gave a puzzled reply, “Sorry?”

Why did this word suddenly pop out? Should it be “I miss you so much”?

However, Li Moying continued speaking, “I should have kissed you, I’m only…. I’m only too agitated from seeing you still alive, and slightly…. slightly lost my control. I know I shouldn’t do that, and I’ll try my best to keep a distance from you. I’m extremely sorry for offending you this time.”

His voice started to chill slowly.

Earlier he had missed Huang Yueli too much. Furthermore, he thought that he was really in an illusion of a dream.

Since he was dreaming, then naturally he wanted to kiss, to hug, and in reality when he dreamt of Huang Yueli in the nights, he had done even more villous matters….

So, he unhesitatingly kissed her, but as he kissed, he became aware that the Li’er in front of him… was actually real!

In the midst of shock and joy, to ensure that the young lady in his embrace really existed, his kiss became even more intense.

But now that his rationality had returned to his head, he discovered that he had committed a huge mistake.

His Li’er…. no she was no longer his…. Anyway, Li’er already had someone who she liked, and he didn’t dare to use the fact that he was a man, and the advantage that his cultivation was much higher than hers, to coerce her to accept his kiss and touch.

Thinking of this, Li Moying’s heart crumpled into a burst of twitching pain.

But he still loosened the grip on her arm, as he stood up.

Huang Yueli was originally pressed against the rug on the ground being kissed wildly, and her clothes disoriented, face flushed red. In the end this man actually just patted his ass and ran away, displaying a regretting past deeds expression, then leaving a word “sorry”?

Wasn’t this scene a little too funny?

Huang Yueli first went into a short daze, then subsequently grabbing Li Moying’s lower hem of his robe, as she tugged him hard downwards!

Li Moying was still nursing his distress and he wasn’t standing properly, hence he totally didn’t expect to be sneaked an attack by Huang Yueli at all.

So, just that tug alone made him lost his balance immediately as he fell down onto Huang Yueli!

Seeing that he was about to fall onto Huang Yueli, Li Moying finally reacted in time, and at the last moment, he stretched out his hand to prop himself up, hovering just above Huang Yueli’s body.

“You… I’m sorry, I didn’t stand properly…..”

Li Moying said that and was just about to get up.

Huang Yueli was utterly flustered and exasperated!

She might as well use both her hands to hug onto Li Moying’s neck, and using force, she flipped over and pressed him below her.

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