Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1208

Chapter 1208 Ive Returned 5

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Li Moying was helpless, as he could only listen to her commands and sat on the chair by the side, as he turned his eyes to look at the young lady’s dainty face that was bright like sunlight.

He was finally slightly awake.

Earlier the warmth in his embrace was real, especially when the two of them were intensely tangled together that kind of satisfaction which melted the terror in his heart, other than Li’er herself, there was no one else who could do that!

So, his Li’er had indeed returned?

But, Li Moying’s heart was filled with countless doubts. He just wanted to ask but was shoved back by Huang Yueli.

Helpless, he could only sit there obediently, waiting for his queen to give further instructions.

Huang Yueli stood in front of him, as she said out the words clearly, “Li Moying, I like you!”

Li Moying had finally managed to regain some senses, in the end, the minute Huang Yueli opened her mouth, it seemed like a bolt of lightning, striking him disoriented once again.

His thick brows creased slightly, as his penetrative black pupils stared at Huang Yueli for a moment and his first reaction was actually, “Li’er, are you… are you alright? Are you sick? Or have you lost your memories?”

Huang Yueli was stunned, as she didn’t expect that for the first time in her life in confessing to the person she liked, the male lead actually had such a response??

She went into a mad rage instantly, as she shot upwards to Li Moying like an arrow, grabbing his collar, “Hey, what do you mean? Didn’t you hear me say I like you? You actually asked if I’m sick or lost my memories? Are you getting your facts right? The one who is sick or lost memories is you! Is it because you don’t like me anymore, or are you regretting it now? So, you’re intentionally acting silly?”

“I… I didn’t…. I wouldn’t dare??” Li Moying was unable to give a convincing explanation for self-defence.

After being tortured by his violent little fox, he began to reminisce, “You….. I really didn’t hear you wrongly? You like me? How is that possible?”

A huge shocking joy arose from his inner heart, as he simply didn’t believe in his ears, not believing that what he heard was the truth!

To win Li’er’s heart was something that he had yearned for night and day, but every time he had some hopes raised, but it was broken completely by Huang Yueli once and again!

Just as he was completed devasted, and was prepared to give up any hopes, to silently protect her, his Li’er actually said…. she liked him??

Even in his dreams, it wasn’t so beautiful!

Huang Yueli pouted her lips, “Why is it not possible? You’re so handsome, and so powerful, and you treat me so well, if I don’t like you, who else should I like?’

Hearing Huang Yueli’s non-stingy praises, Li Moying’s lips started to curl upwards, as he couldn’t control his smile at all.

“Although…. What you say is a reality of what everyone knows, but, ughh, the last time you obviously told me that you already have someone you like, so you cannot like me?”

Huang Yueli’s smile froze, as she embarrassedly replied, “Ughh, about this…. this was actually a mistake. It’s all my fault for being too dumb…. Of course, you’re also very dumb…..”

Her last two sentences were said so softly, as though she was mumbling to herself so Li Moying didn’t heard it clearly.

He frowned and asked, “What did you say? What mistake? I remember it clearly! You said, you liked a person for a long long time, and he is a ninth stage realm peerless top expert! And furthermore, he loves you and treats you really well, he’s able to let you become the person whom all the young ladies in Soaring Heavens Continent envy?”

Recalling Huang Yueli’s resolute words, Li Moying’s heart started to grow in pain silently.

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