Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1209

Chapter 1209 Past And Present Life 1

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The gaze which he threw onto Huang Yueli, started to become estranged.

Although he didn’t know why Huang Yueli suddenly confessed to him, and he indeed loved her till the end of his life, but…. he wasn’t silly at all.

There had been no one at all, who would change their character within a short period of time, to like another person.

For Huang Yueli to say this, there would definitely be a reason, a motive.

Actually, Li Moying didn’t mind if the girl he liked had any motive, and no matter what Huang Yueli wanted him to do, he would disregard the price, or ask for any payback and helped her do what she wanted!

But she didn’t want to hear that kind of false confession, because…. he really would treat it as real, he really would believe her!

And if in the end, Huang Yueli were to regret once more, this would definitely throw him deep into the abyss, consigned to eternal damnation…

Before he met Huang Yueli, Li Moying had already thought of himself as having a heart of stone, there was nothing which he couldn’t do, but now, he gotta admit that he had a fatal weak point, which was this young lady in front of him, who could easily make him totally refuted…..

Seeing Li Moying’s face revealing a pained expression, Huang Yueli’s heart also started to tremble.

She immediately pounced over to hug him, “I’m not lying to you, I really like you! I’ve always… always only liked you! But… but there is really some misunderstanding, and I didn’t expect it to turn out like this…. are you willing to listen to my explanation?”

Hearing the young lady in his embrace making a solemn vow repeatedly emphasizing her feelings, Li Moying’s heartbeat started to speed up.

Should he look forward, to this time… she’s really…. decided to open her heart to him…..

Li Moying stretched out his hand to hold on to hers, as he replied in a deep voice softly, “Alright, I’ll listen to you, but… you cannot bluff me…..”

Huang Yueli looked at his eyes, “I will not bluff you, but, I’m afraid you will not believe in me.”

Li Moying seemed to have felt her apprehensiveness, as his gaze turned gentle.

“As long as you’re willing to speak, I’ll believe (you).”

In actual fact, Huang Yueli felt that there was a ninety nine percent chance that Li Moying would think she’s taking nonsense, but at least hearing his pacification, her heart started to quieten down.

Huang Yueli sat by his side, as she thought for a moment before she opened her mouth, “This matter, needs to start from our past life…..”

“Past life??”

Li Moying had already decided that, no matter what Huang Yueli said, and how ridiculous it was, he insisted on believing the person whom he liked.

But even though he had this sort of determination, at the first instance when Huang Yueli opened her mouth, the first sentence made him stunned.

Huang Yueli firmly nodded her head as she replied, “Right, previous life! Why are you so shocked? Didn’t you said that you will believe me regardless?”

“I’m only…. A little shocked. Alright, do continue.” Li Moying was only astonished for a moment when he settled down.

Huang Yueli was reminiscing as she spoke softly, “You probably couldn’t believe that I still had my past life’s memories when I entered this body. But for the first fourteen years of my life, my memories had been sealed, and had always been very blurry. Until one year ago, it was because of one life and death incident where I had suffered provocation, hence recovering my past life’s memories. Recalling my identity from my past life.”

If any ordinary person were to hear this, they would probably think she was still sleep talking.

But to a top expert with broad knowledge like Li Moying, he had heard of rumours of practitioners whose souls had reincarnated, so he could still accept this news.

He turned and looked at Huang Yueli as he asked curiously, “What is your identity… in your past life?”

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