Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1211

Chapter 1211 Past And Present Life 3

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Because. there was something more important which kept nagging repeatedly in his mind.

It was the matter. related to Huang Yueli and Mu Chengying!

When Huang Yuelis real identity was exposed, the first thing Li Moying thought about, was her relationship with her and Mu Chengying!

That year, this was the most eye catching couple in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent, every single move they made captured everyones attention, and was the most enviable couple.

Every time they appeared, it attracted everyones attention, and numerous people fell down to worship Huang Yueli, and there were numerous young ladies who had feelings for Li Moying, but right from the start, they only had each other in their eyes..

Although Li Moying had never witnessed this grand occasion personally, but just based on the Sects few Elders memories, who had been lucky enough to see them, Li Moying could totally imagine how much this couple was envied by everyone.

Once, Li Moying secretly hoped, that one day, he and Lier would become such a couple as well.

In the end, as things were unpredictable, Lier actually.. turned into Huang Yueli??

Recalling what she said previously, the last time when she rejected him, didnt not make any sense now.

The person she liked was Mu Chengying, and he indeed was Soaring Heavens Continents number one top expert, someone at a level which he cannot hope to achieve, these words were absolutely correct!

Whereas Huang Yueli liked Mu Chengying, wasnt just a matter of one or two days! Their relationship, naturally wasnt something which he, the third party, could supersede..

Huang Yueli was talking on, when she discovered the man beside her keeping her silence, and finally she found it curiuos so she stopped.

Her head tilted to a 45 degrees angle, as she got closer to size him up, Surely youre not scared stunned right? Or you dont believe me? I already said Im not lying to you!

Li Moying then opened his mouth, I know. you didnt lie to me

The minute he opened his mouth, he then realised how hoarse his voice sounded, and how uncertain his tone was.

When Huang Yueli heard that, she pouted in dissatisfaction, Since you believe me, then why are you still showing me a face? Dont tell me that being the number one Armament Master, is something which is embarrassing for you??

I no, theres no such matter? Li Moying took a deep breathe, as he tried his hardest to maintain his composure, Youre so incredible, of course Id be very happy, extremely happy..

Huang Yuelis eyes were full of disbelief, as she stared hard at him, You call this happy? If youre really happy, why dont you show me your smile?

Li Moying swept her a glance, as he cried out silently: How was he supposed to smile in this kind of situation?

But Huang Yuelis little angry face look, made his heart melt, so he could only tug an upwards into a curve on his lips.

Huang Yueli angrily retorted, This is considered a smile, its even uglier than crying!

Li Moying remained silent for a while, as he couldnt keep up with the pretence and broke down as he said, Then what do you want me to do? Congratulate you and Mu Chengying a blissful life?

Huang Yueli was stunned, as she blinked her eyes, and blinked again.

That enlarged eyes were simply too lovable, and Li Moying gloomily realised that no matter what, he would always be attracted by this young lady in front of him.

Even though he knew that the person she really liked was someone else

This was like setting a curse on him!

Huang Yueli knew that he was thinking awry and right after she realised that, the corners of her lips rose upwards, as she gave a crafty smile.

She intentionally got close to him and said, Then. now that you know that your love rival is the number one top expert, you dont like me anymore?

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