Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1212

Chapter 1212 Past And Present Life 4

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Li Moying took a deep breath as he stared intently at her, What do you hope for me to say? You obviously know that I dont care who I need to go up against, and I can go anything for you but, your heart obviously belongs to someone else, so why must you come and fool around with me? Do you feel a sense of achievement, seeing me being tortured badly like this?

Seeing Li Moyings teeth flaring and heartbroken look, Huang Yueli knew that she had gone overboard, as she hurriedly mended the fence after the sheep were lost.

She shook her head with all her might, No, I have no intention of fooling with you! My heart indeed belongs to someone, but..

Before she could finish her words, she was stopped by the gloomy Li Moying, Enough! I dont want to hear it anymore!

He covered his ears, rejecting to hear more.

Actually, he didnt need to listen to know, how loving Huang Yueli and Mu Chengying were that year, the entire Soaring Heavens Continent knew about it! He didnt need to hear the person involved repeat it once again!

What enough, listen to me ah! Huang Yueli stomp her feet, as she pounced over in an attempt to pull his hands down.

But Li Moyings strength wasnt something which she could resist against, and the both of them were in a deadlock for quite a moment. Huang Yuelis entire person dangled on Li Moyings body, but she still wasnt able to make him listen to her properly.

With this, Huang Yueli finally got enraged.

She simply used brute force to pull Li Moyings arm, as she got close to his ear and shouted, Do you know what Im trying to say? Dont tell me you really didnt have any inkling at all, that you are Mu Chengying himself? The both of you are the same person!

Li Moyings actions paused for a moment. Although he kept covering his ears, but Huang Yuelis shout was extremely loud, so much that even a deaf person was able to hear her.

In actual fact, he had never thought about it, but this young lass was so petite, yet still able to make such a sharp, ear piercing sound, so even though his palms were blocking his ears, he felt that his ears almost went deaf..

He subconsciously put down his hand, as he spoke in shock, You. What are you saying? Why is it that I totally cannot understand anything at all?

Huang Yueli finally managed to make him calm down, to listen to her, so of course she didnt want to waste any more time, as she hurriedly and anxiously continued talking.

I say. Youre Mu Chengying, Mu Chengying is you! Alright, stop rebuking me, just listen to me finish up this alright?

Seeing that Li Moying was going to jump up in shock, Huang Yueli hurriedly pressed on his shoulders, and as she was afraid that he would move around and not listen to her speak, she might as well sit down on Li Moyings thigh, pressed him down and grabbed his wrists.

Li Moying lowered his head to look at her in astonishment, only to discover that Huang Yueli totally didnt noticed their ambiguous position, and only cared about explaining.

It was only after the quarrel we had that day, when I discovered this point and although before that, I did have my suspicions, but I had never put any deep thoughts into it. You yourself probably dont know, that you have a pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes, exactly the same as Mu Chengying. Besides that, the gaze which you cast upon others, is exactly the same as well. Honestly speaking, it you were related by blood, its very normal for your eyes to look the same, but that kind of expression which he gives off, Ive never seen it on a second person yet.

This. perhaps its just a coincidence, could you be thinking too much?

Li Moying felt, that this reason was a little too implausible, as he couldnt help but butted in.

Huang Yueli took a look at him, as she continued, And, the tone which you usually speak, plus your actions are very alike. You are also a thunder attribute practitioner, and the habit the both of you have are the same when wielding your sword, you especially like to twist your wrist before you draw out your sword!

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