Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1213

Chapter 1213 Past And Present Life 5

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Li Moyings mind went blank for a moment. He was taken aback because he indeed had this small habit, but as his speed of striking was usually very fast, even ninth stage realm practitioners might not be able to see it clearly.

He had not expected Huang Yueli to have observed him in detail, so much that she even knew about this!

Huang Yueli spoke frankly with assurance, Actually this is an unnecessary move, and it would lower the drawing speed, so if anyone else had thid little action, they would have been rectified by their Master or elders! Except for you, Ive only seen Mu Chengying done this! The reason for this. Im guessing you two must be the same, which is your Master dont dare to control you! Dont rebuke, you can never win me!

Li Moying originally wanted to rebuke, but Huang Yueli had spoken out first, to shove his words back into his mouth.

He bore with it for a moment, but still couldnt keep it in, so he opened his mouth and said, This this is even more far-fetched, I know my drawing speed is a flaw, but I dont believe that only I and Mu Chengying have this little action!

Alright, you dont believe! Then theres..

Huagn Yueli used her hand to hold up his good looking face, forcing Li Moying to look at her eyes.

The tone and habit which you talk, are exactly the same as Mu Chengying in many ways! For example, you lie to call me Lier, little fox, these are something which only you and Mu Chengying would call me, and even the action and feeling when you kiss me, the reaction you give when youre jealous.. often makes me subconsciously feel that, youre him!

Thats what you feel only! Im not Mu Chengyings replacement! Li Moying shouted out in an utterly discomfited manner.

Not knowing why, his head felt a burst of terror, as though his entire brain was going to be split into half.

Half of it believed in Huang Yuelis words, because if what she said was true, then he would be Liers official sweetheart, former lifes lovers, deep-rooted love, which no one was able to split them apart!

But the other half of him, was afraid of accepting this. The minute he thought that this might be possible, his brain started to work up in pain, as his heart was empty, with an ominous feeling that something bad would happen

As though, behind the truth, there was something which he wasnt willing to touch.

Huang Yueli was speechless to the max, as she didnt expected Li Moying to not believe her, and even thought that he was a replacement!

She shouted out loudly, You. you really want to anger me to death, do you really not have any memories at all? The things you said when your Soul Detachment Illness acted up, dont you remember a single bit of it at all??

Li Moying was stunned, I. what did I say? When my Soul Detachment Illness acts up, my memories are jumbled up, and I dont know what I do at all!

Alright, looks like you really dont have any memories, then I shall remind you! Every time your illness acts up, youd always say some absurd things, making me feel that I think of Mu Chengying too much, that Im hallucinating! But the last time when we separated, you said a lot, and all those are what Mu Chengying told me before, exactly the same!

If youre not Mu Chengying, may I ask, how do you know what he and I said when were alone in the room? Were you eavesdropping on us outside our room??

I.. Li Moying was tongue tied, You you say it as though it really happened, surely its not true right? Could it. could it be that I really said that?

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