Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1214

Chapter 1214 Past And Present Life 6

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Rubbish, why do I need to lie to you on this matter, what advantages would I gain? You really have no recollection at all?

Huang Yuelis face was filled with anxiety, as she grabbed his arm tightly, her entire body pressing against him, as she stared at Li Moyings eyes while shooting her questions.

Li Moyings brows were tightly knotted, as his expression turned gloomy, falling into deep thoughts.

He had actually believed half of what Huang Yueli said, because shes not the first person to say he would talk nonsense when his Soul Detachment Illness acted up!

When he was very young, Mo Yi had once relayed to him, the things which he said when he acted up, which was that he was worried about a young girl to not leave, to stay..

At that time Li Moying had not met Huang Yueli, and he felt that he was a cold hearted person with a cold attitude, so there was no possibility that he would get tangled with a young lady, so naturally he snorted disdainfully at Mo Yis description.

Furthermore, when his illness acted up, his conscious was totally messed up, and in his mind, it would indeed appear some memories which were obviously not related to him, with people whom he had not met appearing, and places which he had not been to..

In the past, he had not given any deep thoughts about this. Although he did suspect if these were his past lifes memories, but eventually he felt that there was no meaning to it.

But right now, linking it to what Huang Yueli had said, putting all these together, it seemed that the truth was about to be born!

His eyebrows slowly relaxed, and Huang Yueli noticed this, as she urgently added on, Actually, I always had a guess, which is your Soul Detachment Illness, had something to do with your past life. I heard Brother Mo Yi mentioned this before, that your Soul Detachment Illness was not something which you had since you were born, but. it only happened when you were around six years old, am I correct?

Li Moying nodded, Thats right, it indeed is this case. When I was very young, I was extremely weak, and often had fainting spells in the middle of the night, but never had Sould Detachment Illness. Ever since I almost died in the snow when I was six, after Master found me and brought me back to Celestial Light Sect, my body suddenly became stronger, and my cultivation talent started to appear, but for no obvious reason, Ive also developed Soul Detachment Illness.

Huang Yueli said, So, the change in your life, was fourteen years ago! And fourteen years ago.. was the year when I was attacked in the Northern Ice Fields, and had no choice but to self explode! Later on, I was reborn in this current body! Whereas Mu Chengying was said to have shut himself within Blue Profound Sect, going into Rigid Closed Cultivation! To this, what do you think?

Li Moyings face was gloomy, What can I possibly think? Mu Chengying had deep sentiments towards you?

Huang Yueli went into a daze, as she apparently didnt expect him to sprout out such a sour statement, but immediately she flew into a rage out of humiliation as she stretched out her fair little hand, and pinched Li Moyings back of the hand hard.

What are you talking about? Can you stop flying into a jealous rage, being jealous of yourself, do you know how laughable it is? Im talking to you about something proper! Dont you feel that everything which happened fourteen years ago, is just too coincidental? Could it be that this bodys original soul had perished in the snowy night, and your spirit obtained this body instead..

What joke are you cracking? Li Moying apparently could not accept this saying, What you want to say is, Im actually not me, but a lonely soul dominating this body? And this ghost, even forgot my own name, what I did, and what kind of identity I had? Then what exactly am I?

Li Moyings expression was extremely ugly.

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