Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1215

Chapter 1215 Past And Present Life 7

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Knowing that he actually wasnt his own self, no one would feel good about it.

At this moment, Li Moying felt that if what Huang Yueli said was true, then wouldnt his entire life, be a huge joke? After living for twenty years, yet he didnt even know who he was and furthermore, to not even be able to recall it till this day, the part of his most important memories..

Huang Yueli stretched out her hand, she caressed it gently on his handsome face, her slender fingers slightly increased in force around his eyebrows, trying to placate his inner hearts melancholy.

But she lowered her voice as she continued, But, you always remembered, who was the woman who you like!

Li Moyings entire body quivered, like he was struck by lightning.

Huang Yuelis lips curled into a sweet smile, as her watery big eyes were flooded with feelings.

Even if you forgot everything, you still remembered that you like me, isnt it? Even though you have no memories, and was not able to recognise me, you still like me so much! You dare say its not love at first sight for you? You dare say from the first time you met me, it already felt as though we knew one another for a long, long time?


Li Moyings thoughts were already swirling, and messy into a bundle, as numerous pieces of memories and consciousness started to fly around, causing his head to be in extreme pain.

But, right before him was a pair of eyes, so bright, and so beautiful..

Which was exactly the same as all his memories, and the dream which he kept seeing at night..

Nothing had changed, from the past.


He spoke haltingly in a low voice, and his voice sounded like it was choking.

He grabbed Huang Yuelis hand, and clasped their ten fingers together, as it grew tighter and tighter..

Huang Yueli raised her head to look at him, and in an instance she was taken in by that pitch black night-like pair of pupils, totally unable to move away her eyes.

The two of them leaned in closer and closer..

Just as their lips were about to touch each other, Li Moying suddenly gave out a low moan, and subsequently, he shoved Huang Yueli aside, as he grabbed his head, and bent down.

Huang Yueli was shoved by him, and fell down from his thigh, almost falling flat on the ground.

She finally managed to stabilise herself when she heard Li Moyings groans of pain.

Moying, whats the matter?? Huang Yuelis eyes grew large, as she rushed over.

Li Moying suddenly lifted his head, and in that pitch black eyes, glints of indigo blue rays could be seen, as though lightning power were about to gush out from his body!

Huang Yueli was stunned for a moment, when she suddenly recalled that today was full moons night, and Li Moying. from his looks, could it be that his Soul Detachment Illness was about to act up?

In actual fact, Li Moying was indeed on the verge of flaring up!

When he returned to his courtyard earlier, there were already signs of flaring up.

Originally, when he saw Huang Yueli by his side, feeling her presence, that raging energy in his body gradually started to subside, and if there werent any accidents, today would go by safely.

But unfortunately, Huang Yueli told him a large deal of their past lives memories.

Li Moying let her explain and tried hard not to recall his past lifes memories but no matter how hard he tried, there were only a few pieces of memories floating around, and one by one it flashed past. When he tried to look carefully at it, he then realised that there was nothing at all..

He became more and more flustered, not accepting the fact that he had lost his memories, so he tried even harder to recall.

But the more he recalled, the more painful his head became, as though it was about to explode!

Finally, he seem to almost recall something..

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