Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1216

Chapter 1216 Absence Makes The Heart Fonder 1

Chapter 1216: Absence makes the heart fonder (1)

For that one instance, he seemed to have seen Huang Yueli in her past life, wearing a light purple gold lining flowing dress, the figure dancing under that sakura tree, seeing her dressed in red, fearless and brace, with a zither in her hands, causing a fire sea which covered the earth and skies, engulfing the entire world..

Following that, the image in front of him changed.

He saw Huang Yueli being surrounded and attacked on the Northern Ice Fields, and although she was already seriously injured, but her spine remained straight and on that peerlessly beautiful face, the usual aloof and arrogant expression remained.

She said, I, Huang Yuelis life is never given by anyone else!

The flame was ablaze, as an earth shattering explosion was heard, shaking the entire Ice field!

Amid the blaring flame, that young ladys sweet smile slowly dispersed..

Li Moyings head started to be in more pain, so much that he was unable to differentiate if what he saw was reality or hallucination..

He only felt the pain in his heart about to explode, and he knew he needed more energy, a much more powerful energy, enough to twist the entire thing around, an energy strong enough to make his beloved come back to life. Because of that, even if it required him to sell his soul, even if he had to fall into hell, it didnt matter to him at all..

Furthermore, he.. did

No, what on earth did he do??

Li Moyings head suddenly became blank, he couldnt recall anything, and couldnt control anything, leaving only that powerful thunder attributed energy which he had no way to suppress, threading through all the arteries in his body, making him felt that he was filled with energy, enough to destroy the entire world!

Anyway, his Lier was no longer around, so even if he made this world accompany her in death, what did it matter??

Li Moying laughed uncontrollably, totally not sensing anything. But from an outsiders view, his laugh was very weird, very horrifying, and very terrifying!

He took a few steps outwards immediately, and with a wave of his right hand, the surrounding thunder attributed energy instantly gathered in his palm.

Just as he was about to destroy the surroundings, suddenly, a familiar sweet voice rang by the side of his ear.

Li Moying, what are you doing? Stop, quickly stop!!

Li Moyings head turned dizzy again, this voice. was so familiar.. so familiar that it made his heart ache..

Who was this?

No he still couldnt recall. Who cares, who cared whoever it was, anyway, he wanted everyone to accompany her in death!!

But, after that voice cried out a few times, it stopped and after that, a figure came flying towards him!!

Li Moying subconsciously wanted to strike, there was someone who dared to come near him at this kind of timing?? He had no hesitation to strike that person into coal!

But, this time, his arm seemed as though it was filled with lead, unable to stretch out no matter what..

Not right, this wasnt right.

What on earth was not right, he couldnt tell clearly, only feeling that his head was in more and more pain.

Just as he was hesitating, that warm body had already flew into his embrace, as the young ladys voice rang again, Li Moying, clear up your mind!! You. are you forcing me? Dont you dare say Im harassing you later!

. Harass? What harassment?

Not waiting for Li Moyings messy memories to come out with a solution, something soft had already landed on his lips.

The sweet presence, instantly filled his breathing, that familiar feeling, miraculously pacified his anxious and unsettled heart, as though. the treasure which he had lost, had once again returned to his embrace..

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