Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1217

Chapter 1217 Absence Makes The Heart Fonder 2

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That feeling where he found something which he lost, made him totally relaxed.

Huang Yueli kissed him hard, because every time she pacified Li Moying, he would always kiss her with force, so she guessed that only using force to kiss him would be of use.

However, this round, she had only nibbled two mouthfuls on Li Moyings lips when she heard Li Moying gave out a low moan.

Following that, the mans strong arm wrapped around her slender waist, and took her entire slender body into his embrace, as he adjusted their positions, and therefore, he turned from guest to the host as he started to kiss her instead.

This kiss.. was unexpectedly lingering and gentle.

Li Moying patiently kissed her, as though he was kissing an exquisite treasure, as though he was afraid that just using a little more strength would shatter her to bits.

This kiss made Huang Yueli totally drunk initially, but after a while, she felt slightly dissatisfied.

This man was so gentle today, but she liked his usual overbearing stance! Whats the matter with him today?

Huang Yueli gave a dissatisfied humpf, as she grabbed Li Moyings collar, and bluntly bit his lips.

Li Moyings body turned stiff for a moment, but subsequently, he seemed to be like a lion which had been awoken, as he pounced towards his own prey.

He lifted Huang Yueli up, and with quite steps, left the storage room, using one feet to kick open the door to the next room and threw her onto the bed.

Huang Yueli was seeing stars from the throw, and she just managed to steady herself as she hurriedly used her arm to prop herself up, as she turned back to take a look.

Moying, you. are you ok already. right..

Before she could complete her words of concern, Huang Yuelis eyes widened like full moons, with a shocked expression, as she started to stutter while talking

Because, right in front of her, was an image of a handsome man coming out of the bath!!

In the darkness, under the weak moonlight, she saw Li Moying already pulling away the hook off his collar, revealing an exquisitely beautiful skin and collarbone, and that smooth yet energetic lines, which made Huang Yueli subconsciously swallowing her saliva.

But she realised very quickly, that this wasnt the time for admiration.

She hurriedly spoke out, Moying, you dont. dont be so agitated, that. Im asking you a question, is your headache better or not!!

Li Moying didnt reply to her, but stretched his hand downwards, as he slowly untied his waist belt.

The waist belt was casually thrown onto the ground and Li Moyings shirt was wide open, displaying his perfect figure right in front of Huang Yuelis eyes.

The minute Huang Yuelis eyes fell on his body, she instantly could not shift it aside.

She was still stammering as she asked, NoDont. you.. first answer.. my question. That gaze, looked as though she couldnt stop herself from pouncing over to feel him all over.

Li Moying slowly walked to the front of the bed, and taking a stride, he climbed onto the bed, as he suspended above Huang Yueli.

Every time he moved forward, Huang Yueli would move backward, trying to avoid him but Li Moying kept getting closer. Not too long later, Huang Yuelis back pressed against the bed sheet, as she was entirely pressed down under him.


A scorching mans breath blew against her face, that familiar and pleasant scent, made Huang Yueli dizzy, totally unable to find her will.

Li Moying gave a low laugh, as his mellow voice made one drunk.

When he bent down, and kissed her lips once again, Huang Yueli felt as though she was going to be bewitched till she fainted!

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