Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1222

Chapter 1222 Where Did These Hilariously Stupid Clowns Come From 1

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Seeing Huang Yuelis melancholic look, Li Moyings mood actually uncontrollably lightened up.

So, while he was being trapped by feelings, Huang Yueli wasnt totally outside the box, not totally unmoved.

Huang Yueli stretched out her hand from the blanket, as she poked his chest, Hey, are you listening to me or not?

Li Moying finally couldnt help but laughed out, I heard you.

Huang Yueli got into a rage, Laugh, what are you laughing at! Ive confessed to you so many times today, how about you? Dont you need to express anything to me??

Li Moying then realised that, his little fox was feeling a loss.. but as she today had indeed been out of his expectations, to be so frank, so bold. He had always thought that his Lier was those especially pampered and arrogant type of girl, so even if she loved him to death, she would not say it out..

Huang Yueli was so angry that she flipped on the other side, but her waist was held on by a strong and powerful arm, as she was turned back to the mans side.

The mans deep, mellow and sexy voice rang beside her ear, Lier, you obviously know, my feelings for you..

Before he could finished his words, his scorching thin lips had already covered hers, as an tangling warm kiss drowned her.

Huang Yuelis head instantly became dizzy, while she was still spitting with ridicule in her heart: Foul! Didnt he say to confess? Actually used his kiss to get past the stage..


The second day morning, dawn had just broke.

Two suspicious figures, appeared from the little path, as they gazed towards Li Moyings courtyard from afar.

These two people were Fatty Wang and Administrator Chen. They both bore an excited expression, as a complacent smile was hanging on their lips.

Has that little slut really gone to Young Sect Masters courtyard yesterday? Uncle, did you see it for yourself?

Isnt that so? Ive even waited at the entrance for a long time, and saw Young Sect Master returning with my own eyes. Even after Young Sect Master entered his residence, that little slut still didnt come out, so she must have stayed inside!

Surely not right? Didnt they say that Young Sect Master stayed on at Sect Masters place to discuss matters, and only returned back very late? That wretched lass actually didnt come out at all? I was still worried that she might have left early! Fatty Wang said in disbelief.

Administrator Chen was fiddling with his beard, as his face was filled with a malicious smile.

He he, I was originally very worried! So I guarded the entrance, just because I was afraid that she would escape, and find a reason to chase her back, but that little lass really didnt come out. From what I think, she must have felt that, she had the chance to get close to Young Sect Master, probably even to climb up Young Sect Masters bed, flying up the branches to turn into a Phoenix!

Really? Did she really think like that? Didnt she bother to see her own reflection, Eldest Young Miss has such peerless beauty, had to also woo Young Sect Master for so many years, before she could barely enter Young Sect Masters eye. With her looks, Young Sect Master would probably not even take a look at her right? Fatty Wang laughed so much that he couldnt stand straight.

Thats for sure, if Young Sect Master were to take interest in her, Id eat sh*t right here! Anyway, if she were to seduce Young Sect Master automatically, then that would suit our intentions just fine! We dont even need to scheme her, and she would be torn into two halves by Young Sect Master! How many female disciples had tried to seduce Young Sect Master in the past? Which one of them didnt end up miserably? Administrator Chen replied, brimming with confidence.

Fatty Wang also quipped, Thats right, if Young Sect Master were really to even take a look at her, Id also eat sh*t! Probably Young Sect Master is going to come out really soon, so Ill be waiting here to see how miserable she is!

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