Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1224

Chapter 1224 Where Did These Hilariously Stupid Clowns Come From 3

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Mmmmffff.. Fatty Wangs eyes opened wide as he tried his best to speak.

Administrator Chens forehead was dripping with sweat, as he squeezed out two words from in between his teeth, Shut up!

He had not discovered in the past that this nephew of his could be so dumb, and now he was going to cause him to get into trouble!

Administrator Chen as Celestial Light Sects administrator held some power, and he had seen Li Moyings Shadow Guards several times. Even if he didnt recognise their faces, but when he saw the symbolic dressing on them, he could still easily recognised Mo Ers identity!

Young Sect Masters most trusted Shadow Guard!

Dont think they only bore the status of protectors, but in Celestial Light Sect, as compared to the Elders, they were someone who one couldnt offended. All because they could meet Young Sect Mater daily!

Moreover, he and Fatty Wang appearing here, and were caught red-handed by the Shadow Guards, was originally something which easily caused others to be suspicious. Unfortunately Fatty Wang still had no inkling, and even dared to berate Young Sect Masters Shadow Guards??

Administrator Chen was so frightened that his soul almost left his body, as he hurriedly bowed down ninety degrees to Mo Er to apologize.

This Sir Shadow Guard, really. were really sorry, we. We only took the wrong path, and we dont mean to be disrespectful to Young Sect Master. We will leave immediately, right now!

Saying that, he used his might to tug Fatty Wang, as he tried to pass by Mo Er.

However, Mo Er took a step to the side, coincidentally blocking their way.

Wait, took a wrong path? Such a funny joke, can you say it once again? I can tell that youre wearing the administrators uniform, so no matter how, youre also one of the older people in Celestial Light Sect, would you not know that the west region of the rear mountain is Young Sect Masters turf? Trying to use the reason of taking the wrong path to deceive me? Do you think Im an idiot?

Ughh, this.. Administrator Chens cold sweat started to drip, as his heart was extremely flustered.

Earlier when Li Moying was not in the Sect, this courtyards surroundings were guarded by ordinary guards, and not Shadow Guards, so even if he stood far away to keep watch, nothing would happen. Like that last time when he sent Huang Yueli over, he wasnt obstructed by anyone at all.

This led to Administrator Chen overlooking the existence of the Shadow Guards, thinking that it was still the same as previous days ago! After they were caught, did he suddenly regained his response.

Momentarily, he didnt know what to say. If Young Sect Master were to find out that he had been secretly spying on his whereabouts, then he would not be allowed to live! Everyone said Young Sect Masters temper isnt very good recently, so no one dared to offend him!

Administrator Chen was frightened out of his guts, but Fatty Wang still didnt know the seriousness of this matter.

When he heard that the person in front was Li Moyings Shadow Guard, he immediately became excited as he pushed Administrator Chen aside, and rushed the Mo Er.

Sir Shadow Guard, youre Young Sect Masters Sir Shadow Guard! My uncle and I are here today, to expose a female disciple with treacherous intent!

Mo Er had heard their conversation earlier, and immediately guessed what he wanted to say. He creased his brows slightly, Oh? A female disciple with treacherous intent?

Fatty Wang replied, Yes, that female disciple is called Ye Xiao! She was originally this years newly advanced outer disciple, and had been allocated to Young Sect Masters courtyard to do cleaning factotum. But the minute she heard that she could come to Young Sect Masters courtyard, that shameless woman actually had dirty thoughts, thinking of seducing Young Sect Master!

Yesterday, she obviously knew that Young Sect Master would return, so she intentionally dressed herself up and hid herself in the courtyard, probably hoping to climb onto Young Sect Masters bed! Im worried that Young Sect Master would be entrapped by the vixen, so we intentionally came over to report this.

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