Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1225

Chapter 1225 Where Did These Hilariously Stupid Clowns Come From 4

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Mo Er was so suffocated that he almost died, as his mouth didnt dare to open, just in case he burst out in laughter.

This really was the funniest joke which he had heard this entire year!

If Third Miss were to seduce Master, then Master would probably be mad with joy? He would probably lie flat, allowing her to tease him aiyo, wasnt this equivalent to falling into the vixens scheme?

Fatty Wang saw his taut expression, and he mistook it, thinking that Mo Er heard about the shameless person, so he was so angry that he was going mad!

Mo Qi had also walked over from his back, and putting on a straight face as he said, Thats right, Second Brother. Yesterday night, I saw a suspicious female disciple, appearing in Masters courtyard. It seemed that she really climbed onto Masters bed! What should we do?

Fatty Wangs heart was filled with joy, as he didnt expect this wretched lass to invite her own death, so actually really do such a thing! This simply was heavens helping him!

Fatty Wang urgently added, Right, right, right, this Sir, the person whom you have seen is definitely Ye Xiao! Who is. Who is the shameless little slut who I was talking about! Will both Sir here please use your penetrating judgement, this disciple here is absolutely worried for Young Sect Master, so I risked my life to come here! I hope Young Sect Master will not fall into that wretched sluts trap!

Mo Er and Mo Qi exchanged glances, as they gave an amiable smile.

Ughh, this. Younger Brother Wang, the matter which you said, we know about it already, thank you for specially coming over to inform us! Wed not expect that such a farce to happen in our Sect! This cannot be overlooked! You and your uncle will now follow us to meet Young Sect Master, and explain the matter to him!

Hearing that, Fatty Wangs joy was displayed on his face.

This was really running into good luck, to actually have the chance to meet Young Sect Master personally, and even render such outstanding service! In future, he will be able to hug Young Sect Masters thigh!

He hurriedly thanked Mo Er a thousand times, just short of kneeling down to kowtow to him.

Even Administrator Chen was fooled by Mo Er and all, as he saw his nephew in new light. Usually he thought he wasnt not steady while doing stuff, and now suddenly he changed according to the situation, that even those two Sir Shadow Guards were willing to guide him along!

The both of them were overjoyed, as they diligently followed behind Mo Er and the others, and hadnt noticed that the few Shadow Guards who were behind them, bore an expression which looked as though they were looking forward to watching a good show.

Just at this moment, a creak sound was heard and Li Moyings courtyards door suddenly opened.


When Huang Yueli awoke in the morning, the sky had already turned bright.

By her side, Li Moying laid silently, with his eyes tightly shut, apparently he had not woken up yet.

And the blanket which was originally wrapped around her, had unknowingly been drawn out, and were now covering both of them.

Underneath the blanket, their bodies intertwined, her entire body leaned on Li Moyings body, and she could distinctly feel Li Moyings well-built muscle lines, and that warm and supple skin.

Huang Yuelis face blushed a shade of red, as she gently pushed him aside, with the intention to get up.

But Li Moying suddenly tightened his reign, pulling her back.

Huang Yueli fell onto him once again, and went into a blank before responding, Youre awake?


The man beside her talked in an unclear voice, as he slowly opened his eyes.

That pair of bewitching peach blossom eyes had a blurry look, and after a couple of breaths, it slowly became clear.

Huang Yueli stared at that pair of eyes which was exactly the same as his past life, as her lips curled up slightly, not knowing if it was her hallucination, after last night, Li Moyings expression and actions seemed even more alike to his past life.

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