Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1226

Chapter 1226 Outsmarting Oneself 1

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For a moment there, Li Moying had no idea where he was.

After a while, he began to recall what happened yesterday, as he agitatedly turned over, pressing Huang Yueli below him.

Huang Yueli hastily covered his mouth, Not allowed to kiss, you havent rinsed your mouth!

Li Moying went into a daze, before he suddenly laughed, This isnt a dream, really not in my dreams! The things you told me yesterday.. is it really true??

He was a cold and aloof man who seldom smiled. But when he did, that good looking face seemed to have added a kind of charm, one that could kill instantly.

Huang Yueli was crying foul while she pouted her lips in protest, What did I tell you yesterday? What. is really true? Regarding your past lifes identity, of course its true. But as for other matters..

Li Moyings brows raised, as he leaned in close to her, that handsome bewitching face right in front of her, made Huang Yueli twist her body restlessly.

Whereas Li Moying intentionally kept his smile, as his voice sunk gloomily, The others.. are all false?

What. What others? Huang Yuelis brain had already turned into a lump of stick glue.

Li Moying saw that his influence over her was so huge, as he was extremely complacent, purposely continuing to seduce her, his scorching breath blew past her earlobes.

The others, like. The words you said when you like me..

Huang Yueli blinked, Did I say that? Ive already forgotten!

Li Moying thought that this young lass had already been dazed until she lost her soul, but at the crucial timing, she actually reacted in time and reserved the situation, this simply made one felt defeated!

He couldnt help but sigh, as he placed his forehead against hers, Little lass, youre really an annoying one of a kind..

The two of them leaned so closely together, as the combination of their breathes felt so ambiguous. This time, Huang Yueli forgot that Li Moying had not rinsed his mouth, as she became intoxicated in his kisses.

It was right after the kissing had completed when she covered her face, jumping up in shock.

You. you really havent rinsed your mouth! Quickly scram and rinse your mouth, I want to get up!

She kicked Li Moying, and she herself jumped down the bed first, looking for water to wash up.

Li Moying lazily laid on the bed, looking as her bubbly actions jumping around here and there, as though her little fox tail had been stepped on, as his lips were filled with smiles.

To actually criticise me for not rinsing my mouth? Who would rinse their mouths early in the morning when they were being intimate? Forget it, Im too lazy to talk about this, sooner or later youd get accustomed to it..

After a fluster, the two of them finally completed their washing up.

After having breakfast, Li Moying stood at the bedroom door, watching Huang Yueli arrange his collar.

As he was much taller than Huang Yueli, she had to tip up her toes. Li Moying smiled slightly, as he leaned downwards.

After successfully helping him to tidy up, Huang Yueli satisfactorily patted his shoulder, Alright, we can go out now!

Li Moying said, My Master was looking for me to discuss some matters, and there was still no conclusion yet. I have to head over today, where are you going? If youre going to tour around the Sect, or going to the small town at the foot of the mountain to buy things, Ill let Mo Yi. No Mo Er to accompany you.

Speaking of this, Huang Yueli seemed to have thought of something as she asked, Right, Ive heard some people talking about this, why have you locked Brother Mo Yi up? And whats more, in the water prison? Hes very loyal to you, so what offence had he committed? Why did you suddenly drive him away?

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