Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1227

Chapter 1227 Outsmarting Oneself 2

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He looked at Huang Yueli whose face was filled with curiosity as she spoke with an indignant tone as she fought for Mo Yis.

Li Moying immediately asked with a jealous tone, Why are you showing concern for other men?

I care.. Huang Yuelis mouth twitched, Im concerned about Brother Mo Yi, isnt it the same as being concerned about you? If he wasnt your Shadow Guard, why would I bother so much for? Im just curious. Hes been following you around for so many years, even if he had no merit, he had worked hard, and if it wasnt some major offence, why must you treat him so harshly?

Of course he committed a huge offence! When Li Moying recalled the scene when he was deceived to return back to the sect, he felt extremely unhappy.

His character was overbearing, and he totally could not take it when others deceived him! Not even if it was for his own good!

Moreover speaking, because of Mo Yis lie, it caused him to delay several days from searching for Huang Yueli, that that particular timing was the most crucial timing, the best timing to locate a person.

Previously, when Huang Yueli had not appeared, Li Moying felt extremely frustrated, and if it wasnt because of those few days of delay, perhaps his little fox might already be safe in his embrace!

Luckily Lier was safe and sound, otherwise, Li Moying might even chop him up!

What exactly did he do? Huang Yueli tugged his hand as she swayed it, interrogating him.

When other people saw Li Moyings cold face, they would probably had been scared stiff to even say anything else, but in Huang Yuelis eyes, she felt that this man was just acting pampered and proud.

Li Moying unwillingly told her what happened.

Huang Yuelis eyeballs rotated, as she immediately understood what he was thinking. She gave him a huge hug and said, I know youre worried about me, so you threw such a huge temper. But am I not alright now? Furthermore, my ability has increased by quite a lot! I feel that this was a blessing in disguise! You better hurry and let Brother Mo Yi out!

Speaking of this, Li Moying took a careful look at Huang Yueli, and instantly drew in a breath of cold air as he looked at her incredulously!

You. youre actually at fourth stage realm peak!

Yesterday, he listened to Huang Yueli speak about the matters of their past lives, and the truth had already dealt him with a huge shock, leaving him with no mood to pay attention to any other things. Hence, he hadnt noticed the difference in Huang Yuelis cultivation until now.

Right now, he carefully sensed, and discovered that his Lier had actually. raised another huge realm again!

From third stage realm to fourth stage realm peak!

The last time when he and Huang Yueli split up, she was merely at third stage realm peak, and until now, it had just been barely two months!

This simply was a ridiculous speed which was unheard of, something which even he was far inferior!

Huang Yueli smiled complacently, as she leaned in close, How is it? Im incredible, right?

Li Moying still hadnt regained his senses, Incredible. Far more than incredible! Youre just too scary! I havent even asked you carefully, how on earth did you managed to escape from Ling Wenbins hands? What happened later? Why is it that we have not been able to find you for the past two months, and by the time you suddenly appear. Your cultivation suddenly levelled up so much? What on earth happened?

About this. its a long story!

Huang Yueli naturally had no intention to hide anything from Li Moying, so she told him what happened, leaving Li Moyings mouth agape and dumbstruck.

He discovered that his Liers luck, was just too ridiculously good!

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