Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1228

Chapter 1228 Outsmarting Oneself 3

Chapter 1228: Outsmarting oneself (3)
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Even when she was being pursued, she had actually stepped into the inheritance grounds by mistake, which raised her cultivation by a huge degree!

It was said that a practitioners luck was part of the actual ability, and one of the most important parts, his Lier it seemed that she had a bright future ahead of her!

Just then, Huang Yueli seemed to recall something and smiled, Oh right, the senior in the inheritance tower also said that if you dont work hard, you can forget about marrying me. No matter how strong your innate talent it, you can only marry into our Sacred Phoenix Race..

Li Moyings face turned black, What marry into or not, if you really have clansmen, and reject our marriage, then Ill not allow them to manipulate me around! Ill just kidnap you away directly!

Although he said that, but hearing Huang Yueli talked about all these, an intense feeling of crisis filled his heart!

Looked like, he needed to put in more effort, not allowing his own fiance to leave him behind, otherwise there might really be a possibility of them lovers being torn apart.. this was just too terrifying alright?

Huang Yueli smiled, as she blinked her large eyes, looking at him, Alright, if theres really such a day, Id definitely obediently elope with you!

Thats my girl! Li Moying gave a deep smile, as he gave her a peck on the face.

Huang Yueil saw his mood lifting up, as she went back to the same topic, So can you release Brother Mo Yi now?

When Li Moying heard that, his face sunk and didnt say a word.

Brother Mo Yi is just worried that your body couldnt hold on so he deceived you, it was also a part of his loyalty. Moreover, arent I totally fine? Youve wasted so much resources on him, and now you just threw him into the water prison, isnt that letting him taking advantage of you? Quickly let him out, and make him work like an ox or a horse for you!

Huang Yueli tried hard to find a huge load of excuses.

Li Moying looked at her helplessly as he answered, Alright, since youre so insistent. Then Ill let him out and make him stay beside you to protect you. But if this happens again, even if you help him beg for mercy, itd be useless!

Dear, youre the greatest! Huang Yueli immediately tipped her toes up, and smacked her lips onto his face.

Li Moying touched his own face, instantly feeling as long as his Lier was this happy, dont mention about letting Mo Yi out. Even if he had to break all his principles, there was nothing that mattered..

Li Moying asked, Right, you havent told me, what are you going to do today?

Oh. I dont intend to leave the mountain today. I intend to return to the outer disciple residence where Im staying. When I was in Celestial Light Sect, Ive chosen some rough diamonds, and Im thinking of nurturing them so that they can work for me in the future, so Im going to check on their situation. Right, Im not too satisfied with their factotum, can you change one for them?

Huang Yueli raised her fair little chin, as she looked at him with a face filled with hope.

Li Moying pinched her cheek, Of course, take my token over, no matter which administrator, they will need to listen to your instructions! But, why the trouble? Since youve taken them as your subordinates, they can directly follow you into the inner door. Do you want me to directly transfer them over? I know a few Elders who I have a good relationship with, and they can take them in as disciples.

Huang Yueli immediately shook her head, No need, no need, I think theyre not too matured yet, and need more training! If they cant even mix around in the outer door, then how will they help me do things in the future? Its better to let them sharpen themselves on the grindstone in the outer door first!

Li Moying laughed, Alright, whatever you say. Then head over first, after I finished my matters on hand, I will drop by to fetch you.

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