Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1229

Chapter 1229 Outsmarting Oneself 4

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Huang Yueli nodded her head and said, No problem, if youre too busy then you dont need to come over. Im not a young child, surely I wont lose my way right?

Li Moying broke out into laughter, as he leaned in close to her, their noses touching.

Sigh.. You Im not worried about you losing your way, I just cant bear to leave you..

Huang Yuelis face flushed red..

The two of them had finally got ready to leave the courtyard.

By now, the sun was already shining brightly in the sky.

Li Moying frowned as he looked at the surroundings, Strange, where have Mo Er and the others ran off to? Its already too late, and no ones on duty? Have they all gone to laze around?

Huang Yueli couldnt help but laugh and said, I think it must be because of your lecture last night, so they dont dare to come close to the courtyard within one hundred steps..

The two of them were just talking on this topic when they heard Mo Ers voice, Greetings to Master, greetings to Third Miss, your subordinate is right here!

The two of them turned their heads and looked over and saw all the Shadow Guards there, and furthermore, there were still two other people beside them.

Li Moying didnt knew who Fatty Wang and party was, but Huang Yueli had recognised him immediately.

However, before she had even expressed anything, Fatty Wang had already rushed over, kneeling in front of Li Moying, as he kowtowed with all his might.

He was simply too agitated from just meeting the Young Sect Master, and unable to suppress himself, with one thought in his mind, which was to hurriedly spill the beans about Ye Xiao, so that he could show himself in front of Young Sect Master!

He finished his kowtow, and immediately spoke aloud, Young Sect Master, Im Wang Xiao Long, an outer disciple. I have come here today to report an important matter to you. Yesterday, that little slut who attempted to seduce you is called Ye Xiao. Within our outer door, she is notorious for her misdeed and her reputation is really down in the dumps, as she goes around seducing men, using men to climb upwards! This time, she had been allocated to a factotum which is to help you tidy up your courtyard, so she took the opportunity to shamelessly climb up your bed!

Young Sect Master, this subordinate is here to expose Ye Xiaos evil deeds!

Li Moying was totally lost by what he heard. He didnt quite understand who was this Ye Xiao that he kept mentioning?

It was until he saw Huang Yueli holding in her giggles when he suddenly understood what was going on.

Li Moyings expression instantly turned extremely ugly!

This fatty really a huge load of courage, to actually use such disrespectful words to describe his Lier, and.. added on so many other accusations for no rhyme or reason based on his own conjecture!

What was funniest about this entire thing was, he actually still had the cheek to come over and hoot about it! Who did he think he, Li Moying was?

Humiliating his beloved woman in front of him, did he treated him as a dead person??

Li Moyings fury, was on the verge of exploding, however, Fatty Wang was still clueless about it.

It wasnt that he didnt noticed Li Moyings taut jawline and the ugly expression, but he totally didnt consider the fact that, Li Moying was going to get angry at him! On the contrary, he thought that, Li Moying was schemed by the shameless Ye Xiao and was very angry over it, just about to go hack that wretched lass into eight or ten pieces!

Fatty Wang was still adding oil to fire, Young Sect Master, you dont know, that Ye Xiao is a well-known broken slipper within the outer door, not knowing how many men had already. AH!!

Suddenly, Fatty Wang gave a heart rendering miserable shriek as he fell onto the ground and rolled about in pain!

Li Moying could no longer endure it as his right hand raised up and a bolt of lightning flashed past. The electric current instantly vanished into Fatty Wangs body, running amok within his entire meridians.

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