Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1230

Chapter 1230 Outsmarting Oneself 5

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The feeling he felt was as if numerous daggers were poking around his meridians continuously, stirring around repeatedly. Not only had it completely shattered his meridians, it even chopped it into small little segments!

This kind of pain was unimaginable, already exceeding the limit of what an ordinary person could handle!

So Fatty Wangs miserable cries was more mournful than before. Whoever who had heard his cries couldnt help but felt their hearts trembling. They were so frightened that they were sweating profusely.

Among them, the most terrified person was Administrator Chen. He saw Fatty Wangs miserable state, and his legs immediately softened, unable to hold him up further, as he knelt onto the ground, his entire body trembling non-stop!

This scene simply made one utterly shocked, never in his wildest dreams would he have thought that something like this would happen!

Earlier, he and Fatty Wang were still walking delightfully, feeling that they would be able to show their faces in front of Young Sect Master, and they even imagined their future days where they had a beautiful and bountiful future.

Alas, whoever knew that Young Sect Master would be so vicious, not even saying anything and he had already made Fatty Wang into a state where he was not allowed to live but couldnt die!

Where. Had they gone wrong? This was totally different from what they had imagined??

Administrator Chen shivered as he raised his head, looking at Li Moyings gloomy handsome face, and with his peripheral view, he glanced upon the young lady in his arms. Just one look and he was so shocked that he totally went stiff.

The young lady which Young Sect Master was hugging, the clothes on her, was exactly what Ye Xiao, that wretched lass was wearing yesterday! Because all the outer disciples uniform had a marking, so he wouldnt have recognised wrongly!

But, when Administrator Chens sight shifted towards that young lady, he was filled with puzzlement.

No, this was not Ye Xiao!

This young lady had exceptional looks, lovely and neat, she was a peerless beauty who would made anyone fell in love with her at first sight. Even if she stood beside Li Moying, her beauty hadnt faded. On the contrary, it made one felt that, this was a pair of extremely compatible lovers!

Since when was Ye Xiao that pretty??

But, her clothes were exactly what Ye Xiao was wearing..

Just at this moment, Huang Yueli smiled slightly, as she said, Moying, you really have no patience. You havent even heard what he had to say and just punished him directly..

Li Moying replied her in a bad mood, Whats there to listen to what that dumb ass had to say? The Ye Xiao he was talking about, is you isnt it? He had already described you to such a vile state, and I still have to let him continue speaking? If I listened anymore, Id throw up! And you could actually tolerate all these? It simply disgusts me to death! Mo Er, quickly drag this rubbish away, and chop him into fertilizer for the flowers! Elder Qu mentioned a few times already, that the soil in west mountains medicinal farm isnt rich enough, so just nice that you can give him a hand!

Mo Er hurriedly responded Yes as he went up to catch his target.

Li Moying then noticed the shivering Administrator Chen by the side of his feet, as he asked, Wait, then why has this fellow come over for?

Huang Yueli couldnt help but laugh, This. probably is Fatty Wangs accomplice? I met him yesterday, he is the administrator responsible for us!

Mo Er quickly added, Third Miss is right, he had admitted himself, that he is Third Miss group of outer disciples administrator, and he is also Fatty Wangs uncle. When the few of us happened to pass by earlier, we heard his discussing with that fatty that they had intentionally arranged for Third Miss to come and tidy up your courtyard. The motive was for her to contravene Masters taboo, and be punished by Master! In the end, they outsmarted themselves. This subordinate believes that even in his dreams, he had not been able to imagine that, Third Miss and Master have this kind of relationship?

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