Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1231

Chapter 1231 Outsmarting Oneself 6

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Huang Yueli smiled as she shook her head, Administrator Chen, actually I feel that the both of you are pretty clever with strategies, but why didnt you use it on orthodox methods? Youre bound to meet with ghosts if you keep going out at night. Todays consequences, you can only blame yourselves for it.

Administrator Chen had already became stiff on the ground, as his brain kept humming, while his entire body shook violently, totally unable to stop!

From the few peoples conversations earlier, he finally understood, the truth to this.

But the truth. Was too ridiculous, totally unacceptable! Simply something which he couldnt have imagined even in his wildest dreams!

This exceptional beautiful young lady, was actually really Ye Xiao, and her voice was the same as Ye Xiao. Furthermore she had personally admitted her own identity!

But, this Ye Xiao. And Young Sect Master were obviously acquainted, and from the current looks of it, they seemed to be a couple!

Just seeing Young Sect Master placing his hand on her waist, tightly hugging her with possessiveness, and that gentle expression while speaking to her, every single bit, revealed totally just how much Li Moying valued this young lady by his side!

Even Murong Fei wasnt able to win a smile from Li Moying, but towards Huang Yueli, he had maintained his tender affections.

If it wasnt for the fact that there was no one who could impersonate this extremely handsome face, Administrator Chen might have thought that he had recognised the wrong person!

This was that cool, emotionless Young Sect Master Li? This was simply a Casanova!

But.. why was this? How did it turn out like this?

Why would Young Sect Master like this Ye Xiao? And why was he together with her?

Didnt they all said. Eldest Miss Murong was Young Sect Masters fiance?

Administrator Chens mind was filled with questions, but alas, no one could reply him, and he would never get the change to find out the answer forever.

Li Moying swept him a cold glance as he said, Enough, stop the crap. Since this fellow is an accomplice with that fatty guy, then just drag him down to become a fertilizer as well! This amount should be enough, so Elder Qi should have nothing more to complain about!

Mo Er responded, but didnt immediately drag them away. Instead he faced Huang Yueli and said, Third Miss, this fellow said earlier that if Young Sect Master took interest in you, he would eat sh*t!

Hearing that, Huang Yuelis eyes lit up, Thats such a thing? Theres actually someone who enjoys eating sh*t! So mystical, such heavy taste, I hadnt even seen it before!

Mo Er continued, I feel that, as a person, one must keep their words. Since theyve already said that, then we should satisfy his craving.

Isnt that so? Quick, quick, quick, make him do it right now! Huang Yueli was motivated by a desire to see the world in chaos as she replied excitedly.

Mo Er stole a glance at Li Moying apprehensively, and in the end, Li Moying stared right back at him.

Huang Yueli turned her head, and took a look at Li Moying, but towards his own little fox, Li Moying didnt dared to stare at her, so he hurriedly took her into his embrace, as he coaxed her softly, Alright, Lier, I know you dont want to let off those people who schemed you before, but lets not watch him do that. Its simply too disgusting, and will dirty your eyes. Let Mo Er stay here and feed him, lets go!

Huang Yueli felt that it was a great pity, because she really was rather interested to see it.

Towards marvels which she hadnt seen before, she always had a huge curiosity towards it.

But, considering that she had just reconciled with Li Moying, she had the duty to maintain her beautiful image in front of him, and not casually exposed the other face of her foul interests.

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