Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1233

Chapter 1233 That Shameless Woman 2

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In order to avoid unnecessary troubles, she hurriedly explained, You all you all have mistaken, Im not here to steal things, I am urgg, I am Ye Xiao!

What? You say you are Ye Xiao? Someone looked at her from head to toe, as her eyes were filled with suspicion.

Do you think Ive never seen Ye Xiao before? Im even more sure than you on what she looks like! Shes just merely an ordinary female disciple, with ordinary looks, unlike you so pretty and flirtatious, one look and I know that youre a vixen!

Isnt that so? That Ye Xiao looks very ugly, her nose is so flat and her mouth is so big, that face looks exactly like a pork chop, super ugly! Although her potential is rather strong and her cultivation is very high but just based on her looks, she can forget about getting married!

Thats right, being so ugly, what right has she to fight over the job with us, what right can she enter Young Sect Masters courtyard?

The few female disciples shot out all words of disdain, as their hearts were filled with envy and hatred totally!

Originally, Huang Yueli had disguised herself into Ye Xiao, her potential was actually that strong, and had long surpassed ordinary outer disciples, which was already very eye catching. Although a lot of people felt jealous, but they didnt dare to say it out.

But later on, she actually got the beautiful task of going to Young Sect Masters courtyard to clean up, that actually poked a hole in the beehive!

Young Sect Master Li Moying was the idol which everyone in Celestial Light Sect adored, which female disciple didnt had feelings for the handsome and powerful Young Sect Master?

Many of them tried their best and wanted to go to Li Moyings courtyard. Not just cleaning up, even if it was a serving maid to help test medication, as long as they could see Li Moying, everyone was all willing to do so.

However, such a beautiful task, was actually snatched by Ye Xiao!

This time round, everyones jealous towards her had reached a maximum point, as they totally had no way to hide it, so directly speaking it out in public!

Huang Yueli only took a glance at them, and knew what were in their minds, and at the same time, she was rather speechless.

Surely, she didnt make Ye Xiao ugly when she disguised herself as her right? Even though she wasnt some ravishing beauty, but she was considered as a graceful and neat young lady, and at least presentable now, she was smeared black by these people to this extent?

From this incident, one could tell how malicious Administrator Chens move was!

If Huang Yueli really didnt know Li Moying, then even if her luck was really good, and had not been punished by Li Moying, when she came back, shed also drown in everyones jealous saliva, her future days in Celestial Light Sect would not be peaceful anymore!

Huang Yuelis lips curled upwards chillingly, as she couldnt be bothered to haggle with these ignorant ladies and wanted to leave.

But just at this moment, a figure rushed back hurriedly, and lifting his head, he went into a daze as he always shrieked out, Bai Ruoli?? Why are you here??

The person who said that was Yuan Zeyu who had just rushed back to have lunch.

Huang Yueli nodded her head towards him and said, Senior Brother Yuan, its been a long time since weve last met!

When she was still in Celestial Light Academy, she had some unpleasant quarrels with Yuan Zeyu previously. But after she came to Celestial Light Sect, she discovered that Yuan Zeyu was rather reliable, totally different from what she had thought of him before.

Ever since Yuan Zeyu had stood out when Fatty Wang provoked them, her impression of hi changed, and so her attitude towards him was considered not bad.

Yuan Zeyu seemed rather puzzles, because he had always felt that Huang Yueli gave him a strange feeling but was unable to piece out what was wrong.

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