Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1239

Chapter 1239 Destined To Pamper Wife 3

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Furthermore, to make this kind of mistake had a serious consequence.

This meant that, they had not only offended Huang Yueli, but also Li Moying!

Just from the gloomy expression on his face, they knew that he was extremely infuriated.

The female disciples all started to cower as they trembled, not daring to breath heavily as they knew they had done something extremely wrong. They gauged that they probably had to pay a heavy price for this!

Li Moying opened his mouth coldly, Men, drag the few of them down and gift them to Elder Qu as.

Oh, wait! Huang Yueli pulled his sleeve as she broke off his sentence, Just saying a few bad things about me does not amount sending them to their deaths. Just throw them out of Celestial Light Sect, that will do.

Li Moying turned around to face her, as his thin lips were tightly pursed with an unfriendly glare, but he didnt open his mouth.

The people crowded around had their hearts in their mouths, especially Yuan Zeyu, as he held a headful of sweat for Huang Yueli.

This this young lass, even though Young Sect Master enjoyed a good relationship with her, but surely she could not become proud because of his pampering right!

Young Sect Master had already given his command and she actually dared to stop it, even making a new decision for him? Had she gotten it wrong, who did she thought was beside her?

Such a highly revered man like Li Moying, could pamper her, but he would absolutely not allow her to challenge his authority!

Just by looking at Li Moyings terrible expression, one knew that he was on the verge of acting up..

Yuan Zeyu wanted to ask Huang Yueli to quickly submit to him, asking her to act coquettishly and cute to bring this over, not allowing Li Moying to spew out his rage.

But he had no idea how to open his mouth right now.

However Huang Yuelis reaction was totally out of everyones expectation..

She grabbed hold of Li Moyings sleeve and swayed his arm with more strength, Did you hear me? Can you give me some reaction? Forget it, Mo Er, help me drag them out and throw them at the mountains foot!

Yuan Zeyu almost fainted!

She had totally not realised what she had done wrong, and even started to order the Shadow Guards around.. how could she invite her own death by recklessness..

But the few shadow guards thinking were totally different from the spectators. All they were thinking of were, since Third Miss had already opened her mouth, then what Li Moying said wasnt of importance anymore. Anyway their own Master was afraid of his wife, and when he spoke, it wasnt as useful as Third Miss..

So, they immediately slipped forward, as each of them dragged one female disciple away.

From start to end, they had not engaged in Li Moyings intent.

Li Moyings expression turned even uglier, as the surrounding crowd were all trembling in fear.

Huang Yueli totally didnt treat his anger as a matter, as she stretched out her hand and touched his face, attempting to lift up a smile on his lips.

Aww, dont put on such a face, Im getting unhappy from seeing it? Come on, give me a smile! Why put on such an expression? Ive already said, Im not being bullied by anyone! Those few female disciples meridians have already been broken by me, and theyve been thrown out of the Sect. When they return to their families, they wouldnt have any good ending coming to them so what are you still angry over for?

Li Moying stared at her for a moment and unwilling replied, They actually said that we are not compatible? And even slander you in such a way, saying it in such an ugly way, how could I not be angry? Furthermore even dare to create a rumour that Im just fooling around with you?? And even said I wanted to marry Murong Fei??

Li Moying wasnt just ordinarily unpleased, these mentally retarded female disciples, had stepped on his landmine several times continuously.

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