Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1240

Chapter 1240 Destined To Pamper Wife 4

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Firstly, he hated to hear other people commenting that he and Huang Yueli were incompatible. In his heard, when he and Lier stood together, they were naturally the couple who were the most pleasing to the eye!

Following that, they slandered Huang Yueli, calling her as a shameless woman and even said she seduced him? Honestly speaking, if Huang Yueli was willing to seduce him, it was exactly what he wished for! Moreover, he would be so excited that he couldnt sleep at night, as he laid flat preparing to be taken advantage of!

Lastly, what made him angriest was the last point.

How could these people spread rumours that he had a relationship with Murong Fei? He had not even taken a straight look at any other woman! Yet they said he was fooling around with Huang Yueli and would possibly abandon her any time?

His Lier had always been easily jealous, and if she heard these and believed in their nonsense, what would happen if she ran away in anger?

They had just reconciled not too long ago!

If Huang Yueli were to break off with him once again, he would absolutely not be able to take it!

The minute he thought of all these, Li Moyings expression turned extremely ugly. Even though Huang Yueli was coaxing him by his side, he just couldnt smile at all.

Huang Yueli knew that he had this thinking and after staring a while at him, she suddenly burst out giggling.

Youre still laughing! Do you feel that its very funny?? Li Moying was enraged, as he couldnt keep it in any further and lowered his head, taking a bite on the tip of her nose.

Huang Yueli immediately covered her nose, as she blinked her eyes innocently at him, Its very funny! Dont you believe that I am a woman of judgement? You treat me so well, and Im not an idiot, how could I possibly believe in other peoples nonsense? Furthermore, I cherish the times to be with you

She smiled slightly, as the lights in her eyes radiated brilliantly, causing Li Moying to go into a daze.

After some time, he regained his senses, as the anger he suppressed had disappeared without a trace.

Alright since youve already said that.. Li Moying swept her a glance, as he whispered in her ear, When we go back, you must show me how much you cherish me!

Huang Yueli gave a cold harrumph, Fat hope! Im not going to be manipulated by you!

Li Moying laughed, Whether its fat hope or not, youd know later! Lets go, we should hurry back, I havent taken lunch, so make lunch for me!

You obviously have someone to make lunch for you, why are you asking me to do it? Huang Yueli protested.

On realising that Li Moying was really going to take her away, she hurriedly cried out, Hold on, wait a minute! Earlier those people distracted me and I havent had the chance to settle my matters yet!

What matters? Li Moying asked curiously.

Huang Yueli turned her head around and took a look and found Su Qingyue and Yu Xinyang in the crowd as she called for them urgently.

Moying, this is Senior Sister Su Qingyue and Senior Brother Yu Xinyang. Theyre considered as my people, and I intent to change a factotum for them. In the end I havent got time to complete it when I was disgusted by those people. Now Ill bring them to the administrator, so just wait a little while for me..

Li Moying heard her introduction as his deep black eyes narrowed slightly, sweeping his grace and stern gaze at them.

Su Qingyue and Yu Xinyang shivered, unable to take on Li Moyings powerful might, as they lowered their heads and sweat covered their backs.

They had not thought that Huang Yueli actually called out for them in front of Li Moying.

Usually, it was one matter that they knew that their female Master was Young Sect Masters fiance. But for them to stand in front of a top expert like Young Sect Master was another matter altogether.

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