Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1241

Chapter 1241 Destined To Pamper Wife 5

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Only from standing in front of Li Moying would one be able to experience that kind of terrifying powerful presence, deep down from their bones.

They really admired Huang Yueli, not only was she able to appear so joyful and at ease in front of Li Moying, she even dared to argue with him! If it was any other lady, that person would probably not even dare to say no to him!

Li Moying observed them for a while, before nodding to Huang Yueli, Your two subordinates, are moldable characters, only their innate talents are slightly off! You need not arrange other factotums for them. Mo Yi has already been released, so let them follow Mo Yi around to do things will do. I am also more assured if you have a few more people around you.

Huang Yueli showed a sweet smile to him, Alright, youre so considerate and meticulous, Ill listen to your arrangement then!

This kind of performance was something which Li Moying enjoyed very much. He nodded his head in satisfaction and asked, Can we leave now?

Ughh, ah! Wait a minute, I still have more things!

Theres more? What other matters? Li Moying frowned.

Huang Yueli hurriedly called out to Yuan Zeyu, Senior Brother Yuan, Ive heard from Senior Sister Su that youve been allocated to an extremely dangerous factotum. Just these few days alone, youve already suffering from serious internal injury! Your suffering is indirectly caused by me, and I feel bad over it. Why not you think about what other factotum you want, Ill help you change it!

When Li Moying heard the sentence Senior Brother Yuan, his forehead undetectably creased but almost immediately relaxed so Huang Yueli totally didnt notice that.

He had not forgotten the fact that when they were still in Celestial Light Sect, Yuan Zeyu had designs on his woman previously!

Moreover now, Huang Yuelis impression towards him was rather good? What method did he used to bewitch his Lier?

Even though Yuan Zeyu was no competition in his eyes and didnt posed as a threat. But seeing Lier smile at other man made him extremely uncomfortable!

Yuan Zeyu detected the unfriendliness in Li Moyings eyes, and although he was feeling apprehensive, he didnt back down because of that.

He remained silent for a moment, when he suddenly knelt down on one knee in front of Huang Yueli!

Huang Yueli had not expected such a thing to happen as she had a great shock, Senior Brother Yuan, this.

Yuan Zeyu lowered his head, Miss Bai, Im willing to follow you from now on, to be of service to you! Please do not reject me!

Huang Yueli looked at him in shock as she blinked, Do you know what youre saying? Are you certain youve considered carefully?

For Yuan Zeyu to act in this way, to be honest, Huang Yueli had really not expected that. Because Yuan Zeyu and Su Qingyue and the others werent the same.

Su Qingyue and Yu Xinyang came from a bordering small nation, and their innate talent were just so so. If they didnt agree to work under her, they probably wouldnt be able to mix around in Celestial Light Academy, so Huang Yueli knew they had no other choice.

But Yuan Zeyu was totally different. His innate talent isnt bad, and his family background was considered rather okay. Even without anyones support, he would at least become Celestial Light Sects inner disciple. In future after he had some accomplishments, when he returned to the Yuan family, that would also become Sky Cloud Citys number one powerhouse!

Anyway, he would definitely be able to lead a good life.

But he actually chose to follow her??

Yuan Zeyu replied softly, Ive already considered very clearly, will Miss Bai please take me in!

Huang Yueli frowned slightly, and before she could say anything, Li Moying who was standing beside her had already taken the lead to speak out.

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