Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1242

Chapter 1242 Destined To Pamper Wife 6

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Why? Did you think that my requirements for taking in people are too high, so youve settled for the next best thing, to come under Lier? Of course, your judgement isnt wrong, Liers subordinates, are also mine so I will naturally take care of you. But I must warn you that what I hate the most are people who live on us but yet help others secretly!

Youve better consider carefully. If you really have decided, then you will need to form a Blood Pact with Lier, swearing your allegiance to her, protecting her regardless of whatever costs it may take. Otherwise even if Lier is soft hearted, I will also help her to clean up her faction!

Li Moyings voice was chilly and every word was filled with threat, as every single sentence was able to poke straight through ones heart!

Not only that, when he spoke, the imposing manner from him unreservedly unleashed and lashed itself towards Yuan Zeyu.

Yuan Zeyu was instantly suppressed till his face turned pale and an intense pain was felt from his heart. If it wasnt for his overpowering determination which made him hung on, he probably had gone limp onto the ground, totally unable to climb up!

But Yuan Zeyu was very clear that what Li Moying wanted wasnt a waste who was suppressed and completely lost all spirit. What he wanted, was someone with real ability who could utilise their full abilities to protect Huang Yueli!

So, he hung on tightly, not falling no matter what. Even though his spine was suppressed by that huge coercion, as though it would break into pieces the next moment, he didnt fall and not stood up!

After some time later, Li Moying gave a cold snort, as he withdrew his surrounding imposing presence and turned around to look at Huang Yueli.

Huang Yueli knew what he was thinking about as she gave him a reassuring smile before turning to Yuan Zeyu saying, Senior Brother Yuan, you have to consider carefully. If you really want to follow me, then just like what Moying said earlier, I dont accept any traitors!

Yuan Zeyu replied, Miss Bai, dont worry. Since Ive already made this decision, I absolutely will not regret it, I can form the Blood Pact with you right now.

Huang Yueli saw his determined attitude, plus the fact that she herself appreciated Yuan Zeyu as well, so she agreed to it.

It wasnt like she had not thought about his motive, but this actually wasnt that difficult to guess, because the man behind her is Li Moying.

Li Moyings future, would at least be Celestial Light Sects Sect Master. Or maybe, he might go even further than this!

Based on his innate talent and ability, it was only a matter of time before he became the entire Soaring Heavens Continents top rated expert, with his reputation became famous.

Yuan Zeyu following him, would also be brought along, so he would have the opportunity to enjoy career success as well!

But Li Moying already had so many Shadow Guards by his side, moreover each and every one of their innate talents werent any worse off than Yuan Zeyus. Even if he could join Li Moyings faction, he would also be at the bottom, not to mention attracting Li Moyings attention.

But following Huang Yueli wasnt the same at all. Under Huang Yueli, there were only Su Qingyue and Yu Xinyang now. So, in terms of innate talent or knowledge, they were far beyond him, so he naturally would be most valued.

Moreover, from Li Moyings attitude towards Huang Yueli, it was clear that in future no matter how high Li Moying climbed, Huang Yueli would also be his beloved treasure. So, Li Moying would not maltreat the people beside her.

Huang Yueli thought that she had guessed Yuan Zeyus mind, feeling that this was a mutual benefit agreement.

But she had not thought that she had only guessed it half correctly.

The other half of the reason, Yuan Zeyu would never say it out. Because certain things would never have any good ending. So, he rather kept it in his heart forever. To be able to protect the person whom he cared for silently, was a matter which made one satisfied..

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