Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1243

Chapter 1243 Destined To Pamper Wife 7

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Li Moying, however, had an inkling, but he wasnt so silly as to remind his own woman.

Anyway, he had absolute self confidence in himself.

No matter what thinking Yuan Zeyu had in mind, he could forget about competing with him. The two of them werent on the same level and Yuan Zeyu could only keep his feelings hidden deep within the recesses of his heart forever.

Huang Yueli and Yuan Zeyu quickly formed the Blood Pact.

Li Moying stood by the side watching them complete the pact, before he opened his mouth, Since youre already Liers subordinate, then later on, go along with Su Qingyue and the others to look for Mo Yi.

Yuan Zeyu hesitated for a moment and gave a neither servile nor overbearing bow, Young Sect Master, thank you for your good intentions, but I still want to continue my current factotum.

Oh? Li Moying was slightly surprised as his brows rose.

Yuan Zeyu replied, Although accompany inner disciples to train is a dangerous thing, but because of this, I have gained many actual combat experience and my cultivation speed had been raising quickly, so Id like to continue grinding myself for a while. Of course, if Miss Bai needs me, I will abide by her arrangements totally.

Huang Yueli smiled, Im very glad that you think in this way. In the way of cultivation, the most important thing is to receive difficulties! The more you feel that you cannot overcome it, the more you must try to do so! Only in this way, will you be able to feel the handle to even higher realms! Since this is the case, then you shall continue remaining in the outer door. If you need anything, you can come and look for me.

Yuan Zeyu heard what she said and went into deep thoughts.

If these words came from Li Moying, other than learning something, he would not felt surprised.

But since it came from Huang Yueli. he felt that this was something which an elderly top expert had come to comprehend. How old was Huang Yueli now only, furthermore with her cultivation time so short, she had actually comprehended such understanding?

After Huang Yueli settled Yuan Zeyus matter, she had under the crowds exasperation and jealous gazes, held on to Li Moyings arm as they walked off slowly.

Their intimate manner made every single witness extremely shocked.

The rumour regarding them started to spread like wildfire within the entire Celestial Light Sect!

From then on, Li Moying and Huang Yueli had officially stayed together.

As the Young Sect Master of Celestial Light Sect, Li Moying had many other things to deal with.

Other than the Sects affairs, he had various properties to handle.

Because of that, every morning, Li Moying would head out alone to handle these administrative work and come back by noon to accompany Huang Yueli for lunch.

Huang Yueli had spent most of her time in closed door cultivation. As her advancement speed was too fast, her cultivation had been rather unstable, so stabilising her foundation was the number one matter on her mind right now.

This day morning, after Li Moying went out, Huang Yueli was feeling bored by herself in the courtyard as she thought about going for a stroll.

Whoever knew that she had not left the courtyard for several steps, when she ran into Murong Fei, who was filled with envy and hatred, at a small path in the rear mountain!

That pretty face of Murong Feis was already filled with a malicious look, as she stared fiercely at Huang Yueli, gritting her teeth as she said, You Bai Ruoli! Its really you! You actually dare to come to Celestial Light Sect!

Huang Yuei had long expected that in Celestial Light Sect, she was bound to meet with Murong Fei, so she wasnt too surprised.

She shrugged her shoulders as she gave a smile which didnt looked like a smile, Isnt this Eldest Miss Murong? Its been a long time since we last met! The dark eye circles underneath your eyes are so deep, havent you been resting well these few days?

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