Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1245

Chapter 1245 Wishful Thinking 2

Chapter 1245: Wishful thinking (2)

Murong Fei assumed that Huang Yuelis thoughts were seen through by her so she was feeling guilty, so she couldnt help but gave a cold laugh.

Although I dont know how you were able to escape, but I certainly admire your guts. How do you even dare to appear in Celestial Light Sect! Dont you know that Im the Eldest Young Miss of Celestial Light Sect and my father is Celestial Light Sects Sect Master so this is my turf! You still dare to come and deliver yourself to doom??

Huang Yueli unconcernedly shot her a glance as she laughed softly, Miss Murong, your words arent exactly the reflection of the whole truth. Although your father is Sect Master, but my future husband is the Young Sect Master! What do I have to be afraid of?

Murong Fei was so angry that she almost fainted!

Yes, this wretched lass had Li Moying as her backing! Which was why she wasnt afraid of anything!

But what did Eldest Senior Brother see in this lass, using all his heart to protect her? Furthermore, Eldest Senior Brother totally ignored her face, and appeared in pairs with this wretched lass publicly. From the rumours, he doted extremely on this wretched lass!

On what basis.. was this really??

Huang Yuelis mood was lifted greatly when she saw Murong Feis angry look. She had long wanted to punch up Murong Fei badly but considering that Li Moying was still Celestial Light Sects disciple, she didnt wanted her future husband to be put into a difficult position so she endured it. Thinking that if she grabbed a chance in future, shed throw a gunny sack over Murong Fei and drag her to the outside of the Sect before dealing with her.

In the end, Murong Fei herself didnt grow any eyes and actually sent herself here, so wasnt this considered as inviting death by her own recklessness?

Murong Fei was so angry that she was sprouting smoke through her seven orifices as she retorted angrily, Bai Ruoli, dont be too complacent. Do you really think that Eldest Senior Brother will marry you? To tell you the truth, in these few years, there are at least a few hundred of women who tried to seduce Eldest Senior Brother just like you but Eldest Senior Brother didnt marry anyone of them! Just wait to be abandoned by him!

Huang Yueli exaggeratedly dug her ears as she smiled, Cant you come out with some fresh new sentences? What youve said were something which Ive heard everyone talking about at least several hundred times. But unfortunately, although my Moying has a few hundred women wooing him, but Im the only one who he wooed after! Im grateful to you for letting me know that my fianc is so faithful, sigh, he really is the number one good man under the heavens! Looks like he definitely wont have a change of heart!

Murong Fei saw her bewitching smile, and almost spat out a mouthful of blood!

Not knowing why, she somehow felt that this young lass in front of her, as compared to the last time they met, she had become even more beautiful. The current her, her skin was supple and her face was like a painting. No matter from which angle one looked at, she was a complete ravishing beauty!

On the contrary, dark eye rings hung below Murong Feis eyes as she spent consecutively two days of staying up. Her complexion was a pale white and her hair was dried and yellow, losing all her glamour in the past!

This comparison made Murong Fei hated her to the extreme!

In the past she was confident over her beauty and background, and frankly speaking she totally disregarding Huang Yueli. But now, Huang Yueli had changed into a valuable Armament Master, and she was also growing prettier by the day!

It would be a huge wonder if Li Moying didnt like her more and more as the days went passed!

The fire of jealousy engulfed Murong Feis rationality. Her eyes turned red as she stared intently at Huang Yuelis face and asked in a cloudy and sorrowful manner, Why? You feel very complacent? Isnt it all because of that attractive face which made Eldest Senior Brother look at you in new light? If I were to scratch your face and ruin it, make a guess if Eldest Senior Brother will still take another look at you? By then, will there be anyone who will come and protect you?



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