Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1246

Chapter 1246 Wishful Thinking 3

Chapter 1246: Wishful thinking (3)

Huang Yueli saw her sinister expression and immediately realised that this evil Eldest Young Miss really wanted to disfigure her!

But what she was worried about was that her initiative to strike at Murong Fei would bring Li Moying trouble, so if Murong Fei wanted to make a move first, it was exactly what she wished for!

Huang Yueli opened her eyes wide as she hurriedly acted out an exceptional terrified look, shaking and shuddering as she said, You what are you trying to do??

She knew that the more she frightened she appeared, the more she could attract Murong Feis twisted desire to torture her.

As expected, Murong Feis smile turned even more sinister, Bai Ruoli, Ill let you know the price you have to pay for offending this young lady!

Saying that, Murong Fei shot up like an arrow.

The speed of her moves was extremely swift and in an instant, she had already gathered her Profound Energy, striking it out towards Huang Yuelis chest!

A smirk of ridicule appeared on Huang Yueli face, as she staggered a few steps backwards, avoiding her attack and just as she was about to counterattack..


A super powerful Profound Energy sprang out from behind her, surging up violently, unable to be stopped as it struck Murong Fei directly!

Murong Feis eyes widened and she didnt even had the time to cry out when she was sent flying.

Her entire body crashed heavily onto the ground, that it caused a hole on it. The minute she opened her mouth, she spat out a mouthful of blood and immediately fainted. The expression on her face was still in a state of disbelief.

In actual fact, Huang Yueli was even more astonished than her.

She turned around and saw a gloomy Li Moying standing right behind her, who barely suppressed the rage in his heart.

Moying? Havent you gone out? Didnt you tell me this morning that youd only be back in the afternoon? Why are you back so fast? Is it because you miss me already? She innocently said, as a pair of watery large eyes blinked at him as she attempted to bewitch the man in front of her.

Li Moyings expression remained ugly as he used a harsh cold stern on her, staring so hard that she felt so guilty that she lowered her head.

Li Moying then took her into his embrace, but he was still angry as he couldnt help but growled in her ear, You.. you little lass who makes one worry, are you intentionally torturing me? Ive told you a few hundred times that you must bring Mo Yi along when you go out! In the end, you slipped away alone and even set up an array to puzzle Mo Yi, making him so scared that he came over to look for me!

Huang Yuelis eyes opened wide, Surely, not right? The array Ive set up is only third tier and Brother Mo Yi could even see through this. His aptitude in arrays isnt that low, if Id known earlier, I should have..

She originally spoke swiftly, but under Li Moyings icy cold stare, she could only swallow the other half of her words back.

Li Moying asked coldly, If youd known earlier, then what would you do? Tell me?

Huang Yueli pouted and was berating him with the word tyrant in her heart but she still stretched out her arms and circled it around Li Moyings neck as she pushed herself entirely onto him. Her delicate little face leaned in close to his lower jaw and giving an extremely sweet smile, she laughed, What do you want me to say? Youre so fierce!


Li Moying wanted to put on a stern look to lecture this young lass properly.

In actual fact, he realised that he had no status in his own place. Not only did Huang Yueli not listen much to him, even his own subordinates the Shadow Guards, seemed to have realised who was the one making decisions in the household, as they didnt really listen to his instructions.



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