Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1434

Chapter 1434 Celestial Light Sects Traitor 1

Chapter 1434: Celestial Light Sects traitor (1)
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When this sentence was spilled out, Fang Shaoning felt that he was especially wretched!

Other people slapped his face and he still thanked them for it!

This, to a naturally arrogant talented practitioner was a huge humiliation!

However, things had not come to an end. Luo Jiyun was just the beginning. Moreover, Luo Jiyuns character was kind and he did not intentionally make things difficult for him. It was those other direct disciples from Celestial Light Sect who were the toughest to handle as many of them were meaner in their words than Luo Jiyun.

If it was usual times, Fang Shaoning would have exploded from anger long ago and would absolutely tear these insolent things to shreds.

But now with Li Moying and Huang Yueli around, he could only swallow his anger in silence!

The only comfort was after Huang Yueli took a look around, she suddenly opened her mouth, Why is Master Fang the only one apologizing? It seems that he is not the only one who beat them up right? Looks like some people prefer to be buried alive?

Green Cloud Sects other disciples originally thought of hook winking them as they kept their heads low, not even daring to breathe loudly.

In the end, they had not thought that Huang Yueli actually didnt forget about them.

Helplessly, the other disciples could only follow Fang Shaoning to line up and apologize to the others.

Celestial Light Sects disciples were extremely excited!

Indeed, following Young Sect Master around was different. No matter which peerless talent was present, as long as the Young Sect Master was around, they only had the fate of bending down! He was really the peerless genius in the South Sky Region!

Momentarily, many of them started to envy Mo Yi and the rest. No wonder they were practitioners with such cultivations but were willing to follow Li Moying around to be his Shadow Guards. Following this kind of Master was simply too shiok!

Some of them even started to have thoughts that if they had the chance to follow Young Sect Master around, itd be great!

If they didnt follow Young Sect Master, following Miss Bai was not a bad idea as well!

The fluctuating sounds of apologies did not consolidate Huang Yueli and Li Moyings thoughts on these people.

Huang Yuelis gaze had always been on the entrance of the cave dwelling as she frowned slightly before she started to ponder deeply.

This was a lavish and spacious cave dwelling. Just the residence door itself was ten meters tall, five to six meters wide, looking very stylish.

Whereas on the top most area of the door hung an inscribed board with some illegible words on it.

Wu Ding. Looks like the religious name of the owner of this cave dwelling should be Wu Ding. Huang Yueli took a long look at it before she could tell what the words were.

This kind of early historical words left behind in the ancient times were only recognised by those practitioners who had broad knowledge.

Li Moying hooked her waist as he brought her into his embrace asking in a mellow voice, How is it? Can you tell anything from this? How should we enter from here?

In terms of battle to awe the entire scene, naturally Li Moying had the greatest ability but when it came to opening the mechanisms of cave dwellings, his Lier was a professional at it.

Huang Yueli muttered softly, This sage Wu Ding should be someone with an extremely powerful existence in the Cloudy Qilin Clan. The mechanisms that he set up around the cave dwelling are almost all eighth grade and above! Even in ancient times, the armament masters who could set up eighth grade mechanisms were not commonly found. Furthermore, in the outer boundary of this cave dwelling is an extremely strong protection array..

Li Moying smiled as he said, It sounds like its very difficult to manage but my Lier will definitely have a way, right?


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