Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1613

Chapter 1613 : Reputation Completely Ruined 2

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Bai Ruoli this wretched lass wasnt she a little too smug!

She was actually acting so intimately in public with Eldest Senior Brother. It was simply. too improper!

What was so great about this wretched lass, why did Eldest Senior Brother take a fancy to her?

Murong Fei was feeling stuffed, especially when she heard Li Moying say to get "married" to this wretched lass, which poked into her sensitive senses as she blurted out, "You two you two are really going to get married??"

Huang Yueli looked at her puzzledly as she asked, "Whats so strange about that? We are originally fianc and fiance so its just a matter of time before we get married! Speaking of that, its all thanks to you that you didnt manage to hold on to me at the cliff. When I fell down the cliff, I saw Moying risking his own life to jump down to save me, that made me feel really touched hence weve decided to hold our wedding in the near future. This is all thanks to Eldest Miss Murongs freak accidental matchmaking so we should really thank you properly!"

When she said that, she was entirely leaning in Li Moyings arms, putting on a cute and helpless look.

Murong Fei saw that and it simply angered her so much that it almost made her die of anger!

Why did that wretched lass not seem to die? She was even displaying the deep affection which Eldest Senior Brother had towards her!

Recalling back on how cold and distant Eldest Senior Brother treated her usually, Murong Fei felt that Huang Yueli was simply just ridiculing her!

Furthermore, Huang Yueli seemed to have guessed what she was thinking about. When Murong Fei looked towards her, she coincidentally curled up her lips, revealing a smile which was filled with provocation and ridicule.

Murong Fei originally could still barely remember her own stand and identity but after being despised so clearly, she finally lost her rationality.

She stared at Huang Yueli angrily as she clenched her teeth and said, "You who is trying to matchmake you? I wanted you to die! Why are you still not dead yet? Dont be too complacent and think that you can monopolise Eldest Senior Brother, sooner or later, Ill let you die in front of me!"

When Murong Fei blurted out such words, Huang Yueli immediately opened her eyes wide with a shocked look.

"You. what are you saying? You want me to die? Why? Dont you like Master Li? Youre immediately going to become Mrs Li!"

Huang Yueli used all her might to step on Murong Feis sore spot, the words "Mrs Li" was like a sharp knife, stabbing right into Murong Feis chest.

She recalled just how dumb she was, why did she agree to marry Li Lingchuan! Now that Li Moying had returned, she had conveniently allowed this wretched lass to gain an advantage for nothing, and she was so angry that she had nowhere to vent her anger!

Unfortunately, Huang Yueli just had to show off right in front of her!

Murong Fei was both angry and anxious!

She stared at Huang Yueli furiously and was just about to open her mouth but in the same instance when their eyes met, Murong Feis mind suddenly went buzz!

For a moment, she seemed to have seen a strange glint in Huang Yuelis eyes and it instantly looted her consciousness.

"Pei! What thing is Li Lingchuan? If it wasnt for the fact that he has a handle onto me, would I have taken a fancy on him? Only Eldest Senior Brother is compatible with me! Im warning you, youd better scram from Eldest Senior Brothers side otherwise there will be plenty of times when you will "accidentally lose your footing" from cliffs, so dont blame me for not reminding you!"

Murong Fei had lost all her rationality as she spoke incoherently, voicing out all the malicious swearing right from the bottom of her heart!

Huang Yuelis lips curled into a smile which wasnt like a smile as she said in a meaningful tone, "Oh. So thats the case! In this way, my falling down the cliff isnt an. accident?"

Murong Fei then realised that she had said the wrong words as a deadly pale colour filled her entire face.

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