Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 270

Chapter 270 Bai Ruoqi Vs Huang Yueli 3

Chapter 270 Bai Ruoqi vs Huang Yueli (3)

Black grade middle level! The Bai Family actually has a black grade middle level profound skill!

So powerful. Liu Yiyis Gale Blades were only at the black grade lower level!

The level of young misses from Wuwei Manor, is really a tier higher. Previously, just by profound techniques, Bai Ruoqi already won!

Cries of surprise rang out around them. Bai Ruoqi becoming more and more smug as she looked at Huang Yueli.

Huang Yueli replied unenthusiastically: Isnt it because of my daddy that our Bai Family is able to possess a black grade middle level profound skill? Do you think I dont know it as well?

You? Just learning it for a few days, you dare say you have mastered this technique? Let me tell you, only people with the ice attribute can cultivate the Frost Thorns. From what I can see, you have no attribute right? Furthermore, this technique has thirty-six different forms! You can learn them all?

Bai Ruoqi snorted disdainfully.

Raising her eyebrow, Huang Yueli exclaimed, It seems to be quite powerful! Why dont dont you display it for me to see what a black grade middle level skill is like. And how many forms can you execute?

Her leisurely attitude was somewhat similar to a teacher guiding a pigheaded student who believed themself to be infallible.

This angered Bai Ruoqi to the point of spitting blood.

Haha, actually seeking death. Then I shall let you see! When the time comes and you are injured, dont come and blame me!

As Bai Ruoqi said this, she began to prepare her technique.

As an ice attributed practitioner, after executing the Frost Thorns, the banquet arenas temperature dropped by many degrees. While frost began to form in the area around her with a suction force. Furthermore, this forming of ice was done in an instant!

As Bai Ruoqi performed the hand seals, the ice condensed into piercing thorns covering the earth and skies. Then they swept towards Huang Yueli!

Bai Ruoli, catch this! Frost Thorns!

Huang Yueli greeted this with a frosty gaze. She did not move immediately.

Seeing her motionless, Bai Ruoqi assumed she had been petrified in fear, unable to move!

As she was afraid she would not be able to overpower Huang Yueli, while the two were fighting it out, she pretended to lose in anger and send this move out!

Under her predictions, her Frost Thorns and being the first to make a move, there was a ninety-nine percent chance that Huang Yueli would be able to react in time. She will most certainly be hit!

And everything was happening according to her plans.

This damned girl didnt even know to move, and didnt put up any sort of defensive measures. This clearly indicated she lacked the tiniest bit of battle experience!

These Frost Thorns will pierce her any moment now!

Seeing these Frost Thorns about to reach Huang Yueli, Bai Ruoqi smiled widely.

However, just as those Frost Thorns were about to make contact, Huang Yueli lightly leaned to the side and allowed those thorns to fly past her.

That tiny movement didnt even seem all that obvious. Onlookers only saw a shake of her body and in the next instant, the Frost Thorns completely bypassed her!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Frost Thorns embedded themselves firmly into the palace walls behind Huang Yueli, filling the entirely with clustered icicles.

Seeing the numerous thorns on the wall, sent shivers down the audiences back.

Lord, too scary! Bai Ruoqi has already cultivated the Frost Thorn to small mastery right? Only then will it have such effects! The palace walls are are very strong, that even if you tried to cut it with a knife, it will not leave any cracks. Yet these thorns are able to pierce directly in and create so many holes! If this were to land on a human body.
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