Profane Prince Of Domination Book 1 Chapter 36

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 1: The Incubus Lord Of The Inner Court Chapter 36 Ilianas Night R 18

The rest of the night was eventful, with Konrad working on taking down the vigilance of his mother-in-law while not forgetting to tease Iliana.

As the feast came to an end, and the servants started removing the dishes, Konrad brazenly followed Iliana back toward her chambers.

In the meantime, Wolfgang walked into his study with Zamira by his side.

"Tell me the truth. Why did you choose that boy? Was it only for the Holy Flame Baptism?"

Having known him for decades, she didn't believe Konrad's cultivation was the only thing that grabbed his attention.

And indeed, she wasn't wrong.

"What is Iliana's greatest challenge at the moment?"

"With the rise of her status, many sons of margraves and dukes that do not stand to inherit land will try to woe…"

And suddenly, Zamira's eyes shone with enlightenment.

"Right. In the past, they disdained her and didn't wish to bring her lack of legitimacy into their households. But now that she's my heir, many of those that don't stand to inherit land will be willing to court her and marry into house Kracht for the sake of our lands, assets, and wealth.

This is a rare opportunity. Thus, among those nobles, even the younger sons of margraves and dukes will be willing to fight for her. But if it were only that, I would not be afraid.

The problem is…that the Von Jurgen will also want a slice of the pie. In fact, I have no doubt that the ninth prince will be ordered by the Holy Emperor to obtain her hand!

The law protects the sons of nobility against imperial marriages. But the same cannot be said for daughters. If we do not arrange something soon, the ninth prince will knock on our doorsteps with a marriage decree. At that time, house Kracht's tens of thousands of years of accumulations will fall into the hands of the Von Jurgen!"

Wolfgang gravely explained.

"That being the case, we might as well quickly let her marry a man of her own choosing. That Konrad's talent is earthshaking and he seems to have a profound connection to the Empress. House Kvass has always been our backer, so there is nothing wrong with that. Moreover, I have no doubt he's someone that dares go against the imperial family. This is the kind of son-in-law we need.

Else cannot be allowed to rule the Holy Flame Empire, but neither can Olrich Von Jurgen! The longer he reigns, the greater the danger this country faces!

Thus, he must be overthrown!"


Meanwhile, Iliana was sitting on her well-preserved bed, and enjoying its warm touch. A touch she'd almost forgotten. However, a certain intruder prevented her from thoroughly relishing the moment.

Naturally, that intruder was Konrad. He was currently lying with the back of his head on Iliana's lap and humming a twenty-first-century tune.

"Do you really not know the meaning of propriety? How can you so brazenly walk into a lady's room and rest on her lap?!"

"If the lady allows my presence, and let me rest on her lap, how can I refuse?"

He nonchalantly replied.

"Are you not afraid that I will push you down?"

"Nah, I know you don't have the heart to do it?"


"You prove my conceit right."

Their brief exchange ended with Konrad extending his right hand toward Iliana's face and stroking her cheek with his bent index.

"I will come to visit you tonight. I reserve myself the time. If you leave your window open, I will take it as an invitation. If you keep it closed, I will take it as a no. The choice is yours."

"Who will leave th…"

But she didn't have time to answer before he rose from her lap and walked past the door, leaving her alone and annoyed.


She cursed and rolled back into her bedsheets.

Activity within the mansion soon died down, with the sound of footsteps being replaced by the quiet of night. But Iliana couldn't sleep. She walked back and forth within her bedroom, dressed in a frilly black nightgown while gnawing her right thumbnail.

"What am I hesitating for? I should just go to sleep."

She muttered but still couldn't stop circling the room.

"That hateful boy can't be allowed to keep having his way. Otherwise, in the future, how can I breathe?"

Still, she didn't stop.

"Hum…it's a bit warm in here. Maybe I should leave the window open…just a little…just for fresh air…"

And so she opened the window, leaving a large enough gap for a cool breeze to sip in, then slipped back into her bedsheets.

Still, she couldn't sleep. Her heart drumming with a mixture of expectation and apprehension as the minutes passed and no sign of intrusion could be heard.

Like that, an hour went by. An hour that turned Iliana into an emotional rollercoaster. But when she still saw no sign of Konrad's form, her heart soured.

"Maybe he was just playing a prank on me…"

She bitterly wondered.

But as she laid with her face against her pillow, purple light particles approached the window from the outside and went past the narrow opening.

Sneaking in, the light particles silently moved toward Iliana's enchanting figure, stopped by her side, and condensed into the form of Konrad.

When his now too familiar orchid scent reached her nose, she knew he'd arrived. Still, she didn't turn, expectation and apprehension still contending within her abdomen.

The unexpected then happened. Konrad pulled out a piece of cloth and wrapped it around Iliana's eyes. Blindfolding her in a deft motion.

Abruptly, she spun to face him, but face him she could not. Her hands reached for the blindfold, but his stopped hers.

"Why…why are you blindfolding me?"

"Because I know that deep down, what you crave is the excitation produced by having your lover press you, yet not being able to see him."

"Therefore, tonight, I won't allow you to look at me."

"Desire me, feel me, but do not glance at me."

His pupils turned violet, goat horns rose from his forehead, and a large pair of wings emerged from his back as he drew her into an embrace.

And feeling his arms wrapped around her waist, and his warm, bare chest against hers, Iliana gave in to temptation, and guided solely by instinct, pulled him into a fiery kiss.

Her energetic tongue sought his, her arms collared his neck, and her legs straddled his waist as if her sole thought was to forever keep his body pressed against hers.

Konrad's hands moved up her back, caressing her silky green hairs while he lowered her back onto the bed and the sloppy sound of their intertwining mouths and tongues was carried by the wind.

"From the day I laid eyes on you, you were meant to be mine. Henceforth, you are the woman of Konrad."

Iliana's heart drummed against his own, her body heated by his words and touch.

"I am…yours."

She whispered with her sweet breath brushing his lips. Lips that once again pounced onto hers while their hands tore the other's clothing, revealing their bare bodies to the silent night.

Konrad's wings acted as cushions for Iliana's back, keeping her tight within his overpowering demonic presence as he removed the last piece of fabric and cupped her soft breasts within his hands.

Their lips remained interlocked, too hungry to break.

Konrad kept one hand on Iliana's right breast and moved the other down her moistening nether regions that clearly craved attention.


She moaned through his lips, feeling his elongated fingers enter her unexplored holy land, and teasing her in ways she'd never known existed.

Her excitation caused Konrad's shaft to harden against her thigh, something she immediately felt. And instinctively, she grabbed his rod within her hand, giving it gentle inexperienced strokes while Konrad's fingers masterfully teased her clit and nipples.


Her muffled moans grew stronger, the raw pleasure proving too much for her to remain focused on the passionate kiss. But Konrad didn't let go of her lips, keeping her suppressed within his mouth as he played with her mesmerizing body and caused her to shudder again, and again under his ministrations.

He then revolved the Hundred Flowers Scripture, establishing a spiritual connection that allowed them to bask in the other's pleasure, then moved her onto her side with her left leg kept straight and her right one bent in an acute angle while he stood behind her rear with his fully awakened shaft ready to take her.

And take her he did! Driving his lance home with a slow, gentle thrust that broke through her hymen and caused a jolt of pain to spread through her body. A jolt of pain that was immediately pacified by the golden light released by his rod.


She freely moaned, breaking the connection of their lips. But Konrad couldn't allow her moans to alarm her household, so he seized her lips back into his, gave her a moment to adjust to his girth through gentle thrusts, and when it was clear she was ready to receive him, he began pounding.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

Like a tidal wave seeking to break through the dam, his gentle thrusts turned into fierce hammering that caused Iliana's inexperienced body to collapse under the rough pleasure and her buttcheeks to give hundreds of kisses to Konrad's balls.


She kept moaning through his lips, but never did he let go of them, maintaining perfect control of his body while building his lover's pleasure to a high climax.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

The intensity of the mating reached new heights, with Iliana feeling both Konrad's pleasure and her own. A sensation that drove her mad with bliss, and caused her to lose all restraints to claw onto his neck to push him deeper, faster, into her!

Which he did, pounding that raw pleasure into the both of them, and sending her rolling into heaven with a succession of orgasms!

His lower body and the bedsheet were now drenched in her juice, but neither cared. Konrad stood up, pulling Iliana into his arms like a butterfly and pressing her against the opposing wall while not forgetting to keep driving his rod into the pleasure spots he found and created.

And after her umpteenth orgasm, he let go of his fetters and erupted inside her! Marking every corner of her holy land with his warm semen.

"Ooooohhh! Divine son of a bitch!"

Their kiss broke, and Iliana's freed mouth could finally groan with the full might of her throat! A groan that sounded more like a guttural howl, and probably woke more than one person.

But she didn't care. The only thought within her mind was that she should have let him in sooner!

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