Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 2chapter 204

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 204 Three For The Price Of One Part 2 R 18

(WARNING: As requested by a reader, I put here a netori warning. If you can't stomach it, you know what to do.)

"Wait, stop!"

The third princess exclaimed and rushed to stop her father, arms outstretched to bar his path.

"What do you mean by this?"

The water alliance king asked, perplexed by his youngest's unusual behavior. The third princess wanted to say that she was saving him from the humiliation of a lifetime, but since such words couldn't leave her lips, she refrained.

Instead, opting for a more diplomatic approach.

"Mother specially instructed me that she didn't want anyone to disrupt her. Especially after today's debacle, she just wishes to relax without disturbances."

Hearing the words "today's debacle," Ernst floundered. On this day, he didn't just lose his power as monarch and his country's autonomy, most importantly, he lost his face as head of household.

Though he grieved the second prince's death, even his demise couldn't compare to that loss of face. Alas, in the hierarchy of the things he cherished, even face only ranked second.

The first would always be his life. Therefore, he had to cave in. And imagining the profound disappointment his actions must have elicited in his wife, he sighed and turned heels.

Now, Ernst also realized Konrad was the most likely culprit of the setup. However, even if he knew, what could he do? Only when the elders came out of seclusion could he have his revenge!

Determined to pull them out, he turned heels, and the third princess who saw his departing form heaved a sigh of relief.

Alas, she'd forgotten the efficiency of a Saint's senses.

Because of a short break caused by the mating group's change in positions, when Ernst arrived, he heard nothing alarming. But as he reached the door, the loud smacking sound resumed, and though the bathhouse was still far from him, his Saint-level hearing made it impossible to miss.

Clearly able to identify the sound of flesh meeting flesh, he stopped. Yet, he didn't immediately turn back, first letting his ears feed him information. Quickly, he identified another sound, that of messy fluid flying and tumbling onto the ground.

Then it came, the sound he absolutely didn't wish to register:


Two distinct female voices lost in reckless moans.

Ernst trembled and turned heels, his eyes bloodshot.

"Father…why are you not leaving?"

But as she saw the look in his eyes, the third princess realized that the shameful matter was no longer concealable. They were exposed!

Paying her no heed, Ernst walked by, and with a succession of large, angry steps, walked toward the bathhouse's door.

Seeing this, the third princess was alarmed.

"Wait, wait! You can't enter!"

As they approached the door, Ernst stopped, turning toward his daughter with his incensed look unchanged.

"Speak true, who is in there?"

Seeing the murderous look in his eyes, the third princess floundered. But since things had reached this point, she could only try on overt maneuver.

"Father, please have mercy! Eldest sister and her prime attendant are having an illicit relationship with the royal guard commander. To preserve her face and yours, please don't enter!"

The third princess proclaimed and fell on her knees. Knowing that concealing was impossible, she could only choose a setting her father would willingly avoid. The royal guard commander was his most loyal official and last trustworthy retainer in these chaotic times.

There was no difference between exposing him and asking him to join the oppressors.

And indeed, the water alliance king frowned. Not only did he not want to potentially antagonize his most loyal retainer, but he also profoundly wished that the third princess spoke true.

Alas, as the moaning sound rose, it became evident that she deceived him. Because effortlessly, he recognized his wife's voice. Except that the volume she currently produced surpassed anything he imagined her capable of.

Blood left him and he paled with his face losing all color. Still, he turned toward the door handle, his body shivering and extended his hand toward it.

"It can't be …can't be…"

He inwardly repeated to console himself and strengthen his resolve, and while his heart thumped with a mixture of anxiety and dread, he couldn't stop himself.

With a brisk move, he pulled the handle and opened the door.

His eyes thus fell onto his life's most horrible nightmare.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*


Yes…my lord protector…yes!"

Augusta groaned, bent on two human legs with her hands against the wall while Konrad hammered her cushy rear from behind. Meanwhile, Lena's cunt was getting played by his masterful fingers as she voraciously kissed his lips and moaned in his mouth.

Since they faced the wall, the mating group could see neither Ernst nor the third princess. Not that their presence mattered. The bathhouse overflowed with an odd mixture between the stench of animalistic sex and an orchid fragrance.

Seeing a scene arguably more barbaric than the previous one, the third princess didn't know what to say.

And Ernst…well …let's just say that his heart was in a terrible place.

His bloodshot eyes almost popping out of their sockets, he took several trembling steps into the room. As he walked, his weight seemed to visibly diminish while the erratic drumming of his heart echoed in the ears of the gathered individuals.

He didn't care about his daughter getting boned. Daughters would get boned anyways. Her unfaithfulness was her future husband's problem, not his. At worst, it was an uncomfortable sight.

However, the woman whose palms clenched the wall while her large breasts and larger butt bounced under violent cock hammering…

The woman whose eyes rolled back as she groaned in a crazed display of lust and debauchery…

That woman was his wife!

As Ernst approached, Augusta, who remained oblivious to his appearance arched her back, the thought of Konrad's balls marking her ass as his property sending her over the edge.


She climaxed, and at the same time clenched tighter around Konrad's rod, milking him of a massive eruption of spunk like a perfect cum-drainer.

The sight stopped Ernst's advance, forcing him to recoil and flounder in an awkward stance, not knowing whether to step forward or run.

"Welcome, water alliance king, to our improvised party. I must say I didn't peg you for the watcher type."

Konrad said, his words alarming Lena whose cunt still danced on his fingers.

Sent over the edge, she also orgasmed and fell on Konrad's shoulder.

Augusta who'd regained some senses turned to see her husband and king's corpse-like appearance. But with Konrad's still warm and erect rod teasing her from inside and demanding attention, she felt his presence a hindrance.

"Forget about him…we still have much…exploration to do…"

"Right…I can still go for…a few rounds!"

Both mother and daughter agreed, to the water alliance king's dismay.

"Augusta…how could you…with him? Why? WHY?! After all he did…he's our mortal enemy! Anyone but him!"

Ernst finally found the strength to roar, causing a laugh to escape Konrad's lips.

"We're…doing this for the kingdom. Having surrendered the army, the wealth and the authority, only by surrendering the women can we maintain the peace. For the sake of the common people, we must sacrifice ourselves…yes."

The more she spoke, the more Augusta felt her words made perfect sense. And Lena agreed with the reasoning. This was to save the state! A perfectly righteous deed!

Konrad burst into laughter while Ernst collapsed, his chest pricked by ten thousand daggers.

"My…heart…my heart…my…hea-"


The largest blood gush in the Ancient Crystal World's history flew from Ernst's lips to splatter the ground.


Kill…kill…I must kill you!"

With tears drenching his face, Ernst wailed and summoned his holy energy sword.

"Oh really? Are you sure about that?"

Konrad asked with a smirk while keeping his right arm around Augusta's waist, and his left around Lena's.

Undisturbed, he activated his Awakened Supreme Overlord and Divine Primal Physiques, causing vast suppression force to erupt and pin Ernst on the ground.

"Just a Profound Saint, not worth mentioning. Before me, such a level is no different than meat on the chopping block. I can hack you at will."

Konrad stated while his Divine Physiques crushed Ernst's bones from within.

Seeing how Konrad effortlessly suppressed him while groping his wife and daughter's ass cheeks, Ernst despaired.

"If you want to fight, at least, you need a Fate Wrestling Saint cultivation base. Therefore, besides your secluded elders, I'm afraid no von Gradl can pose me a threat.

You only have two choices, force them out of hiding, or thank me for cementing the relationship between our two countries. Meanwhile…"

Lifting Augusta from the ground, Konrad impaled her on his rod while having her face Ernst.


"…I will occupy your royal bedchamber. You won't mind…right?"

Rage and unwillingness welled up within Ernst's heart, but as his bones shattered beneath the pressure, he knew he could not oppose that despot. Still, having been shamed to this level, was it possible for him to give his permission?!


Konrad again asked, but this time, his tone and face showed no pleasantry. Only dreadful killing intent remained.

Ernst didn't doubt that if he didn't give his approval, he would die on the spot. Terrified, he prostrated himself on the ground.

"Right…I won't mind…I won't mind. I absolutely won't mind!"

In any case, life was still his most valuable possession.

"Do you feel any resentment?"

"I…don't dare. My wife and daughter are devoting themselves for the safety of the state and the common people. Such righteousness is hard to come by.

I'm ashamed, ashamed, ashamed."

Konrad nodded.

"Good. Now, we must carry on with the perfection of our states' relationship."

Walking by Ernst, Konrad stopped by the third princess' side.

Having been exposed to the orchid scent for so long, her priorities had long since changed, and she pinched his left arm to draw attention.

"Mhm? Want to join us too?"

Unable to say the words, she nodded, with her cheeks flushed in embarrassment as she clenched her moistened thighs.

"No…not you too!"

Seeing the purest of his daughter offering herself to the fiendish oppressor, Ernst could no longer restrain himself.

"Sorry…father I…can't resist him."

With a wave of his hand, Konrad trapped the third princess in a wave of telekinetic power, bringing her alongside him to the royal bedchamber to finish the night.

"It's fine …it's fine…the elders will kill him…then I can kill them…yes…yes!"

Determined, Ernst dragged his shriveled form to the secluded elders' hidden quarters to alert them of the situation, unwittingly fulfilling Konrad's needs.

"Hahahaha! Kill them all, kill them all, kill them a…"

As he approached their cultivation abodes, his erratic laughter came to an abrupt end. His pupils dilated, and he collapsed on the floor, frothing at the mouth.

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