Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 2chapter 286

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 286 Bestial Nuptials Part 2 R 18

As he stepped toward them, Konrad's lips curled into a fiendish smile, and his body bathed in desire flames while golden and jade light swirled around his rods.

Rods that still contained the mixed sexual juice and scent of his four previous partners. Yvonne vanished, reappearing behind Konrad to wrap her legs around his waist. Legs that soon turned into the scaly lower end of a serpent female. Meanwhile, Else and Verena stretched inviting hands toward Konrad, motioning for him to plow them with their eyes not shirking from the predatory glint his golden hues freely showcased.

Yvonne's mouth and teeth lowered on Konrad's right earlobe, licking and nibbling on it as he crawled onto the bed, and reached his two jade consorts who each placed one hand on his cheeks, and another on his chests.

Already, their ragged breathing echoed, forming a sultry melody that urged Konrad to cloak them with his empyrean embrace, and take them hard.

With the previous round, serving as their appetizer, they needed no further stimulation. Konrad kissed them both before bending into position. Verena lied above Else, her hourglass figure contrasting with Else's perfectly proportioned body while her big, perky butt faced Konrad's licentious gaze.

In that position, Verena's clit brushed Else's, electrifying them both in the process.

Konrad flicked his tongue across their slits, just for good measure, then aligned his eager, pulsating meat-rods with their entrances, poking them a little. The simple touch fired a wave of electricity through his jade consorts' bodies and elicited moans from their divine lips.


With his rods pressed against his jade consorts' flower buds, the Jade Emperor wantonly teased them, forcing moans of frustration from their chanting lips. But as he enjoyed their dismay and possessed them with his scent, his empress used her serpentine tail to apply pressure on his pelvis and slam him into them in a resounding squelching sound!



Konrad's dived into Verena and Else's cunts forcing a groan from their throats. And in that groan, pleasant surprise echoed.

And unwilling to let him control the pace, Yvonne took his lips into hers. Although she wasn't a lust demon, as a hekeret, her half-demoness form was a natural lethal weapon that could play most men into blissful death.

With her demonic saliva, she set Konrad's body ablaze while his rods butted against his consorts' cervixes. With his golden and jade lights filling them, the entirety of their sex caves became pleasure den.

Konrad gently tapped the back of Verena's head, lowering her face against Else's.

Debauched bliss clouded their minds, making them abandon all sense of propriety to kiss one another. Konrad glided his rods to the entrance and, using slow motions that allowed him to appreciate every part of his consorts' squeezing snatches, pushed them in and out.

The slow pace only heightened their hunger, and they slammed their butts against Konrad, meeting his slow thrusts with wild ramming.

His pace then shot up, and in a succession of rapid slapping sounds, the pounding began.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*


*Squelch* *Squelch* *Squelch*

Slapping, squelching and throaty moaning sounds intertwined while Yvonne devoured Konrad's lips and applied more pressure on his pelvis to drive him faster into her harem sisters. And faster he went, his desires flames erupted at full-force, and his cocks pistoned the consorts' insides while their snatches squeezed him tighter with every move, as if eager to swallow his load.

But they didn't fall into passivity, meeting thrust for thrust, with blazing lustful passion.

The room turned into a furnace where cauldrons burned against one another, without a care for the outside world.

Konrad's speed transcended human limit, and while holding onto their rears, he pounded them with reckless abandon, driving them into relentless orgasms that only served to magnify the pleasure they all indulged in.

*Pah!* *Pah!* *Pah!* *Pah!*

Meanwhile, in the outside, the citizens were lost in drunken orgies, thoroughly celebrating the Profane Prince's wedding night.

Konrad's burning rods tensed, demanding release, and he slammed them deep into his partners, filling them to the brim with his spunk.

But even then, he didn't stop, rolling on his back to force Yvonne onto the bed, his hands locking hers while he aligned himself with her serpentine tail's slits and thrust both his rods inside!


With her eyes widening in disbelief, she released the loudest groan of the night, a startling groan that barreled against the walls and would have alarmed the imperial palace if the nuptial chambers' walls weren't soundproof.

Unfazed, Konrad locked her lips against his, muffling her moans and pounded his rod into her snatch in a new round of hammering. At that time, with cum dripping from their cunts, Verena and Else stood up to caress every corner of his available body parts, and press him fasted into Yvonne by cupping and pushing his ass checks.

For two hours, the infernal mating carried on, giving the four younger consorts enough time to rise from their sex-induced torpor, and surround Konrad from all sides carry on with the impromptu orgy throughout the night.

After their umpteenth orgasm, Konrad believed one night wasn't enough and carried them all into the Tower of Rebirth's highest floor, the Concealed Paradise, to expand the night.

Seven hours became months of unending cultivation orgy, at the end of which the six consorts lied exhausted on a massive bed. Within the Tower, time flew thirty-six folds faster. But the bed was like the time tornados, making it go another ten folds faster.

Therefore, they'd orgied for more than one-hundred days.

Even their devi and demoness bodies couldn't endure such mating, and in that instant, they couldn't even move their legs. Because the bed automatically absorbed and dispersed fluids, their sweaty naked bodies and the cum oozing from their orifices were the only reminders of the grand orgy.

Meanwhile, Verena and Else saw their cultivations rise to half-step into the Fate Wrestling Saint Rank. Initially, they should have stopped there until they gained their first insights into fate. However, Else had already gleamed some insight and therefore, could break through to the Fate Wrestling Rank…as soon as she recovered.

Gaining insight into fate and tribulations was no simple matter that without resources, could take decades even for the gifted. Therefore, Konrad set aside False Tribulation and Fate-Gazing Pills for them to refine.

On the contrary, because of his tribulation within the seventh floor, he wouldn't meet any bottleneck until Star Connection. Alas, because of his Supreme Dao, his holy force requirements were far beyond that of anyone else.

At the same time, his World Devourer bloodline further expanded the requirement. Thus, making it so large that after more than three months of dual cultivation, Konrad was only half-step into the Profound Saint Rank.

"No more…drinking. It really doesn't do me any good."

Yvonne pledged as she lied beside Konrad, and all others were forced to agree. All except…

"Nonsense. We've been drinking buddies for far too long to stop now. Let's go for another round."

…Konrad, of course.

"Go away!"

Seeing that none of his consorts possessed the strength to entertain him further, a dejected Konrad descended to the Tower's lower floors, to orgy with his consorts and female legionaries across several weeks.

His cultivation then reached the early-stage of the Profound Saint Rank.

Following the nuptial orgies, Konrad returned to the outside world, donning his imperial robe and crown to hold his first court session while his consorts remained within the Tower to carry on with their cultivation.

"Greetings Your August Majesty!"

The officials knelt upon his entrance.

Konrad waved his hand, motioning for them to rise. But as they did, and he took his place on the throne, enjoying the veneration of billions, little did he know, that in the coming years, the Ancient Crystal World would be barreled by horrendous waves of turbulences.

Turbulences that would spare none, the Profane Prince included.

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