Profane Prince Of Domination Book 2 Chapter 154

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 2: The Plague Chapter 154 Love Token

Verena stopped dead in her tracks, almost choking on Konrad's rod while her eyes widened in fright.

Meanwhile, hatred flooded Konrad's heart, and his eyes rippled with rage.

"Now? Of all times, now?! You gotta be kidding me!

Olrich, even if your heart is darker than Satan's, you cannot blue ball a man in such a way!"

Never in two lives had Konrad felt so much hatred for a man whose wife he stole. Clearly, Olrich worked arduously to become his archnemesis!

Verena pulled her lips off Konrad's cock and leaped onto her feet.

"Quick, you're too manly and handsome, use that Transformation Skill of yours to change your appearance to a more eunuch face."

Verena urged and grabbed a nearby towel which she shoved into Konrad's hands.

Konrad didn't delay, using his Transformation Skill to adopt the appearance of one of those pretty men that put women to shame while lowering his height to 1.75 meters.

At lightning speed, he wiped off the humidity on his body, forced his neglected rod back into a flaccid state, and got dressed.

Exiting Verena's bathroom, he returned to his eunuch post to welcome the emperor alongside the maids and eunuchs.

"Greetings, your majesty!"

They said in unison as they dropped onto their knees to pay their respects to the emperor.


With a wave of his hand, Olrich used his holy force to lift them back onto their feet. Preventing the kneeling.

Though his eyes only swept them with a brief glance, they could see the bright smile plastered on his face. Clearly, the emperor was in a good mood!

Konrad, who was aware of the recent events, couldn't understand what happened that could give Olrich in such delight. Shouldn't he still be fuming over Nils' case? Why did he seem so jovial today?

The maids and eunuchs formed a line behind the emperor, following him toward the empress' quarters at the entrance of which they formed two perfect rows.

Without warning, Olrich pushed the door open and stepped in.

Verena had long since returned to lying on her sofa. But when Olrich barged in unannounced, she yelped in "surprise."

"Your majesty, how could you just charge in like that? What if I were in some…"

Verena's voice trailed while her coquettish eyes glanced toward the beaming Olrich.

This was an act she reserved for him over the years. An act meant to lower his awareness and convince him of her desire and affection for him.

Olrich crossed the room with great strides to sit by Verena's side.

"Oh, my wife. My beloved wife, having not been able to take care of you for those past days, my heart ached. Therefore, I wished to give you a surprise."

Olrich began and pulled out an onyx box which he extended toward Verena. Perplexed, she took it into her hands, opening it to reveal a dazzling golden ring that overflowed with holy force.

"A mid-grade Holy Artifact?"

Stupor filled Verena's eyes as she appraised the golden ring.

In the secular world, Holy Artifacts were rare commodities. Rarer than Saints, in fact.

Mid-grade Holy Artifacts were few and far between. All clearly documented and held in the state treasury. This ring was never one of them. Verena's surprise particularly contended Olrich who expected such an effect.

Seeing her inquisitive eyes rise to him, he burst into laughter.

"This is both a tribute and a betrothal gift from the Water Kingdom Alliance. Asking us to take their eldest alliance princess as Adelar's princess consort!"

News that Adelar would soon become the next crown prince had traveled throughout the Holy Continent. And while the circumstances of the change were relatively shameful and alarming, the fact remained that Adelar was about to become heir to the Holy Continent's number one nation.

Better yet, Adelar remained unwed.

Naturally, the weaker realms would attempt to use that opportunity to establish good relationships with the Holy Flame Empire. The low-key Adelar had in a flash turned into the most enticing bachelor of the secular world.

The Holy Continent was composed of three empires and twenty-eight kingdoms.

The Water Kingdom Alliance was an agglomeration of fifteen kingdoms united to resist the might of the three great empires. They desperately sought ways to maintain their independence, expand their forces, and minimize infighting.

The Earth Kingdom Alliance comprised the remaining kingdoms and stood in the same shape.

To promote unity, the kingdoms would elect one Central Kingdom within their most powerful and use it as their leader and face in international diplomacy. Its king became the alliance king, and its princes and princesses, the alliance princes and princesses.

Although the kingdom alliances were still a step below the empires, they were forces to be reckoned with and could in times of instability threaten the empires' hegemony.

However, these weren't times of instability. The three empires stood strong, and with news of a future marriage between the Prosperous Wind third prince and the Holy Flame Empire's only princess, those kingdoms feared a power shift capable of threatening their existence.

Thus, the Water Kingdom Alliance wished to use its eldest princess to not only cement peaceful relationships but also serve its interests in the Holy Flame Empire.

The eldest princess was half paragon spirit, half mermaid, a mesmerizing beauty that could trigger ten Trojan Wars. They believed with her looks and wits, she could subdue the unremarkable Adelar, and bring them countless benefits.

Olrich, who saw through the ploy, couldn't help but burst into laughter.

The fools were bribing him with a state treasure for the sake of sending their eldest princess into a fiery pit.

How could he not be delighted?!

"My beloved wife, and empress, I have decided to bestow this treasure onto you. What do you think?"

Looking at the mid-grade Holy Ring, Verena's mood soured. Unfortunately, Konrad's cultivation was still too low. Otherwise, she could have given him this treasure for his protection.


Oh well, she could always keep it for him and grant it at a later date.

"Your majesty should keep it for your majesty's protection. I can't bear wasting such a treasure."

Verena rejected, knowing Olrich would only renew his efforts.

"How could this be? Gems should be matched appropriately. Only my empress is deserving of this treasure."

Olrich declared, and not taking no for an answer, placed the ring on Verena's finger.

"With your majesty's words, I can wear it at ease. Let this ring be a token of our love, true, pure, and eternal."

As Verena spoke, she took a second to admire the ring's craftsmanship and had to admit the refiner did an excellent job.

Meanwhile, Olrich found her words particularly pleasing to the ears. And when one day, that same ring would be used to nail him onto the ground, he would recall this moment and spurt blood.

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