Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 1chapter 352

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 352 Defiling Ilkaalt Part 1 R 18

As the fear of an immutable death powered her desperation and hysteria, for the sake of her survival, Ilkaalt chose the extreme road.

"My body! Please take my body and make me your woman!"

She beseeched while pressing Konrad's thigh harder against her breasts. However, her supplicant eyes and the delightful elasticity of her breasts did nothing to soften Konrad, who eyed her with the scornful amusement of a lord before an unskilled but hard-working jester.

"Who said anything about wanting you as a woman? Allow me to be blunt, in you, I don't need a woman."

Konrad began while raising Ilkaalt's chin with his right thumb and index.

"I need a slave."

Konrad stated in a mild but irrevocable tone. And as his words echoed, for an instant, Ilkaalt wavered. As a dignified crown princess and sole daughter of a God-level existence, never in her life did she suffer such disgrace.

Though he remained gentle throughout, with his every word and deeds, Konrad shamed her without restraints. For an instant, her teeth clenched in indignation. And recalling how she'd already branded him as her future pet, a new wave of indignation welled up within her chest.

But then, the images of her mother's defeat, the kneeling queens, and her own demise flashed within her eyes, and she trembled in fright. Indeed, this man could afford to toy with her because his astonishing powers allowed him to.

Who could stop him? On the contrary, if she managed to please him, then perhaps, she could obtain his good graces and a new backer in an increasingly uncertain world.

All hesitations vanished from Ilkaalt's eyes, and without further ado, she opened her mouth and extended her face toward Konrad's belt. While still holding onto Konrad's thigh, Ilkaalt used her pearl white teeth to undo his belt and lower it onto the ground.

Before returning her submissive gaze toward him.

"Master…please use me as you see fit."

She implored, with her words causing a small chuckle to bypass Konrad's lips.

"Not bad, not bad. I can give you a chance. Show me what you can do."

Konrad ordered. Without delay, Ilkaalt first kissed his legs, then moved on to his thighs, going upward in a provokingly slow motion until she reached his waist. Without the belt binding it, one simple teeth tug was enough for her to pull down Konrad's pants.

His engorged member sprang free, slapping Ilkaalt's cheek as it did, and causing her eyes to widen in disbelief.

"What the hell did he eat in infancy to grow up…this big?"

She wondered while Konrad's half-erect rod rose to full length and towered above her face with its intimidating girth and compelling scent.


The indiscreet gulping sound formed within Ilkaalt throat while she stared at the towering rod, didn't escape Konrad's acute earing, and his smile broadened into a grin.

With a new wave of determination, Ilkaalt dripped saliva onto her hands, rubbing them against one another before grabbing the base of Konrad's shaft and sliding her hands across its length while dripping more saliva onto it.

Zenith ants possessed a strict, matriarchal society within which males were either guards, soldiers, scouts, or servants. However, the most gifted of them all would be selected and trained to serve as the mates of specific, high-ranking females such as the Elders, Queens, and of course, the Goddess.

However, once they produced enough offspring, those males were often killed, devoured in a demonic ritual that heightened the mother and last child's talent with theirs. On the day she was conceived, Ilkaalt's father suffered the same fate. Therefore, in the past, the notion of serving under a man's crotch was a foreign lunacy she couldn't even begin to comprehend.

Never did she expect that she would one day lay on her knees, licking the underside and stroking the engorged dick of a male. Yet, there she was.

And as her tongue held and licked the bottom of Konrad's shaft, Ilkaalt kissed the tip, and with her two dutiful hands, jerked the cock at an increasingly faster pace.

However, although its temperature rose and veins pulsed across its girth, it showed no sign of release. And seeing the silent disappointment within Konrad's gaze, Ilkaalt took things to the next level, opened her mouth, and let his engorged cock slide past her tongue to dive into her throat.


As Konrad's shaft glided into the damp canal, a loud slurping sound echoed. Alas, Ilkaalt's lack of training showed up as she failed to take all the rod in.

"Good effort. Let me help you."

Konrad offered to the gagging Ilkaalt, and before she could voice or grimace a reply, he grabbed either side of her head to force his cock down her throat in one brisk motion, unwittingly making her kiss the base of his shaft.


As she gagged harder on Konrad's rod and struggled to take in air through her nostrils, Ilkaalt's eyes widened in a mixture of fright and stupor. Alas, he was only getting started and without consideration for her well-being, pulled her back to the tip of his shaft before again slamming it in with barbaric crudeness.

*Slurp!* *Slurp!* *Slurp!*

At first, the moves were brutish but slow. However, as the thrusts carried on, Konrad's speed shot up, and before she could process it all, he was ruthlessly fucking Ilkaalt's throat while her eyes rolled back and her nostrils desperately sought breathing space.

*Slurp!!* *Slurp!!* *Slurp!!*

And while he abused her mouth and throat, Ilkaalt's hands gripped and clenched tighter on Konrad's thighs, and if not for his indestructible flesh, her nails would have long since dug blood.

*Slurp!!!* *Slurp!!!* *Slurp!!!*

Harder and faster, Konrad went, recklessly indulging in Ilkaalt's throat while flicking his tongue across his lips. Meanwhile, his cock tensed with the impending release, and with one last hip move, he impaled himself to the hilt, releasing waves of copious spunk down Ilkaalt's throat.

With a push, Konrad shoved her off his rod and wasn't startled to see the soil beneath her drenched in her juice.

Devoid of strength, she dropped on the ground. And seeing her own obvious indulgent in the abuse, shame and humiliation churned her insides, but she dared not rebel.

Konrad beckoned, and unable to disobey, Ilkaalt rose to her feet and teetered as she stepped toward him. Without warning, he grabbed hold of her collar and tore the upper half of her dress in shreds, revealing her massive breasts that bounced free in a *boing* sound.

And before she could make sense of Konrad's move, he took her by the waist, tossed her onto his right shoulder, and turned toward Else, who now played chess with Astarte.

"Zamira will soon have the khan levy all the clans to dispatch a ten million man strong army into the mountain range in the name of cleansing it of eldritch forces.

Keep them trapped while I take care of this one."

Konrad ordered before vanishing from the two's sights to land before the fifth mountain's cavern where he'd first met Ilkaalt. In silence, he dragged her into it, and though trembling from the uncertainty of what awaited her inside, she still dared not struggle.

Instead of using his extreme speed to cross it, Konrad stepped into the cave with slow, measured step, making sure fear, apprehension, and the concealed, shameful anticipation Ilkaalt desperately suppressed all swept and oppressed her body from the inside.

Once they reached the cavern's deepest point, Konrad tossed her onto the ground, and let his black cloak drop as he moved onto her with a predatory glint.

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