Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 2chapter 353

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 353 Defiling Ilkaalt Part 2 R 18

"What…what are you trying to do?"

Ilkaalt stammered upon seeing the predatory glint in Konrad's glance. Worse…or better, depending on standpoints, as he stepped toward her, his already massive rod grew in length and girth, until it stood at more than thirty-three centimeters, thereby going from an imposing shaft to a nightmarish monster.

And for Ilkaalt, whose own height was merely 1.65 meters, the thought of taking in a rod 1/5 her size, was nothing short of dreadful. But at that time, the eternal "would it fit" question sprang within her mind, showcasing the power of the subjunctive, and the self-destructive nature she kept hidden beneath that buxom exterior.

"Hammer you."

Konrad replied with fiendish glee before pouncing on Ilkaalt and trapping her between his arms. His gargantuan rod pressed her dripping fold, and without the slightest hint of warning, he shoved it all down to the hilt. Unsurprisingly, before he could feed her the entire girth, Konrad butted against the cervix.


The sharp unpredicted thrust sapped all breath out of Ilkaalt's chest, and her lips curved into an "O" shape.

But before she could regain her senses and accommodate the pain, unbeknown to her, Konrad modified the nature of her body to make her feel pleasure proportional to the pain she endured.


He whispered while seizing her slender neck within his hands and slamming her onto the ground. And as he choked her, his body temperature shot up, making Ilkaalt feel as if an infernal rod now lodged itself in her body.

At the same time, tremors spread from Konrad's rod to Ilkaalt's inner cave and filled her with overwhelming vibrations.


Ilkaalt spasmed, convulsing in an inexplicable orgasm.

And thinking of how Konrad had yet to make a second move, her disgrace and degradation levels skyrocketed, making her feel as if she'd suddenly turned into a worthless creature.

"What an unsightly disappointment."

Konrad sighed while applying more pressure on Ilkaalt's neck, choking her harder while dragging his rod to the entrance and slamming it back in to mark the start of a brutal jackhammering session.




Without a care for Ilkaalt's comfort, Konrad pounded her depths with the full might of his hips, before shifting her onto her knees, ass facing him, and slamming her from behind to ravage her like a rutting animal.




And yet, even as he mercilessly pounded her cunt, he didn't forget to tighten his grasp around her neck, making her gag with rolled back eyes and her tongue lolling out.

"Guh…guh…guhh! Ughh…"

The heat and vibrations merged with the ferocious hammering to make Ilkaalt's mind go blank, and once Konrad let go of her neck…


She groaned, squealing in painful delight and shameful orgasms while he emptied his load deep inside of her.

Again, he flipped her, this time, toying with her massive breasts, and using her like a cheap whore. No hole went unfilled, and throughout the next seventy-two hours, Konrad oppressed, pounded, and ravaged Ilkaalt, until every inch of her body showed marks of his cum and abuse.



"Oh my…you certainly are one of the finest cum-drainers I've had in a while. A pity that all good things must come to an end."

Konrad "lamented" with loud smacks on Ilkaalt's ass cheeks. And after enduring so much more during those last three days, being labeled as "cum-drainer" seemed like a form of respite.

Alas, while he pounded her against the caverns' walls, Konrad assumed his new True Form, becoming the most nightmarish creature Ilkaalt had seen in her entire life. In that ten-meters tall form, he hammered her for another twenty-four hours, while she groaned, screamed, and squealed like a base and low pig.

By the time Konrad unloaded his last bit of spunk in her cunt, Ilkaalt had long since lost the strength to form letters and conceive thoughts. With a thud, she dropped onto the ground, dazed, bruised, and bathing in cum while the monstrous Konrad reassumed human form.

"Now, now, what is the meaning of this? Is this how you plan to seek salvation from my hands? Come on, we should go for three more days."

Konrad declared before covering the dazed Ilkaalt with his body and taking her on the ground. But the following hour quickly made evident that even with her Divine Ascension cultivation, Ilkaalt had reached the limits of what she could endure.

More, and he would fuck her to death. Picking up his cloak, Konrad placed it over his shoulders and turned toward the half-unconscious Ilkaalt.

"Oh, well, you failed the test. Can't blame me for not holding my end of the bargain, eh?"

Konrad whispered before tossing Ilkaalt onto his shoulder and turning into a wave of black fog that vanished from the Blood Mountain Range to reappear above the World Tree.

Above the World Tree's sky, a plethora of dark clouds gathered, heralding the Goddess' impending cosmic tribulation. Theoretically speaking, such an event should have filled Konrad with vigilance. After all, should she cross the tribulation, and with the World Tree as her backer, then her cultivation would rise to True God level.

However, from within his black fog state, the more Konrad looked at the clouds, the brighter his smile became.

"Yo, darling Goddess, hurry up and come bargain for your worthless daughter before I feed her to my hounds."

Konrad declared and made sure to give Ilkaalt enough energy that she could hear his contemptuous words. Again, tears and indignation welled up within her eyes.

Emerald light erupted from the World Tree and coalesced into another Avatar of the Ant Goddess.

"What do you want?"

She directly asked, not beating around the bush.

"Straightforward, I like. I won't make things too difficult for you. Thanks to your worthless daughter, I know you have a supply of about three-thousand Life Fruits. Give them all to me, and I will return the waste to you."

Konrad offered, causing the Ant Goddess' face to contort into a frown.

"You are going too far."

She replied with clenched hands, but as her words echoed, Konrad scoffed.

"I'm afraid you don't understand the situation. This is not a negotiation. You either execute yourself, or she dies. Which one will it be?"

Konrad "inquired." And though her body seethed with wrath, the Ant Goddess could only show restraint, and with a wave of her hands, summoned three thousand peach-shaped emerald fruits which flew toward Konrad and vanished within the black fog.

"Good, you can have her back."

He replied, before dispelling the black fog to reveal the abused, cum-drenched Ilkaalt impaled on his rod.

"Remember, my name is Konrad."

Konrad whispered in Ilkaalt's ears and with a yank on her neck, pulled her off his shaft before tossing her toward her mother, who, for an instant, stood bewildered by a scene she didn't expect even in her wildest dreams.

All the cum aside, a plethora of bruises, whip, and claw marks littered Ilkaalt's body!

So great was the Ant Goddess' shock that she failed to catch Ilkaalt in time, and let her slam against the World Tree before trickling onto the ground.

"What a cruel mother. And here I was anticipating the scene of mother and daughter sharing my spunk.


And as Ilkaalt sobbed on the ground, the Ant Goddess flew into a rage!


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