Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 300

Profane Prince Of Domination Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 300 Alarming Breakthrough

By the time the illusory Yvonne appeared before him, Dasra already clawed at her neck. But as the move neared the illusory Yvonne…


…a violent kick hammered Dasra's left side, sending him spiraling in the air across several backflips before stabilizing himself. Not giving him any time to rest, the illusory Yvonne surrounded him with hundreds of punches, claws, spears, and kicks, each carrying one-thousand time the might of the original body which now also seemed to be in an illusory stage.


If at first Dasra barely managed to block the moves, soon, he was utterly overwhelmed by the armada of blows that rained upon him from all sides and hurled him higher in the sky. A frown contorted his silver eyes.

"Hateful…hateful…incomparably hateful!"

Aakash snapped, unable to endure this sight. And at his right, Nehal's mood wasn't much better, because both of them could see the source of Yvonne's massive strength leap.

"Third Ancient Secret: Absolute War Sense.

And at the very least, her cultivation has reached the third layer."

In the instant she activated her Ancient Secret, it could be said that Yvonne turned into a War Sense with one-thousand times the strength, speed, and reaction time of her original body. With such a staggering strength leap, even Dasra was pushed onto the defensive.

Barreled by the flurry of blows, Dasra's guard finally collapsed, and Yvonne sent him cratering below with an ax-kick.


Dasra's fall triggered a vast surge of dust that soared into the sky to cloud the vision of the warring parties. But as the dust dispersed, Dasra rose from the ground, without the tiniest scratch on his seemingly unbreakable body.

"This durability…is almost comparable to Konrad's."

Yvonne murmured while keeping her hessonite eyes locked on Dasra.

"To have cultivated the Absolute War Sense to the third layer with less than one thousand years of cultivation, I must say that your comprehension skills rank among the highest I've seen in my life.

Your potential is exceptionally high, in the future, you can surely become a mighty goddess. Why persist in seeking damnation?"

Dasra calmly asked while stepping back into the sky. Clearly, Yvonne's demonic blood mattered not to him. In fact, he would be glad to see her fulfill her potential. However, Yvonne merely shook her head.

Dasra asked nothing more, and for the first time since his arrival, adopted an actual battle-stance.

With his weight on his right leg and his fists firmly clenched, Dasra again faced Yvonne.

"Will of The Great Warden:

Celestial Guardian!"

The silver light strands lacing Dasra's form expanded into a full-blown silver giant nigh-identical to his true body. Dasra stood in the giant's lower abdomen, and the onlooker could effortlessly see that the two were one.

"One of the most dreadful physiques of the Celestial Realm, the Great Warden Physique."

Yvonne realized. The Great Warden Physique was unique to The Warden's house. And the Brahma…were The Warden's House.

Without budging from where he stood, Dasra punched out, releasing a horrible force that opened a gigantic vortex in space before slamming into Yvonne's War Sense!


Struck by the invisible force, like a meteor, she shot across the sky, before cratering in the distance. At that time, Verena and Else no longer hesitated. Although they knew Yvonne wanted to use this opportunity to further tamper herself, if things were allowed to carry on in this way, there would soon be nothing left to tamper!

"Valkyrie Surge!"

Like a perfectly synchronized choir, they activated their Valkyrie Surge, causing their battle-power to overlap…

"Seer's Vision!"

…then cast their Seer's Vision onto Dasra.

"Good effort. Alas, I am a brahma…and your soul power is…far too low.

Eye of Illumination!"

The vertical, third eye on Dasra's forehead opened, releasing a dazzling silver light that obliterated Else and Verena's Seer's Vision, forcing them to recoil with large blood spurts.

But before he could make another move, Yvonne was shooting back toward him, but this time, one-thousand Divine Artifacts surrounded her!

Since conventional fighting yielded no result, she used her Absolute War Sense to simultaneously control one-thousand Divine Artifacts, ready to repel the enemy by burning the state treasury!

Even for the current Jade Dynasty, the loss of one-thousand Divine Artifacts was a significant blow. But at this juncture, she couldn't care about any of that.


Yvonne began, but before she could complete the one-thousand Divine Artifacts' detonation, Dasra aimed his right fist at her.

"Celestial Blockade."

Twelve light pillars appeared around her, and instantaneously, she was locked where she stood, unable to make another move. In that instant, the truth of her defeat became evident.

"You fought well. Your sort is likely used to crushing enemies leagues above your level. However, I have defeated Gods.

Throughout the Three Realms, in the past or present, I believe that the Primogens and Malkam aside, regardless of the tricks used, no one can defeat me with an inferior cultivation level."

Dasra professed, before aiming his fist for the final blow.

But at that time…



A cacophony of malevolent laughter reverberated within the sky, breaking Dasra's pace!

Within the Empyrean Tower, Konrad sat crossed-legged, condensing his illusory stars one after the other. One, two three…thirty-four, thirty-five, thirty-six.

In an instant, he condensed thirty-six, reaching the usual limit. But with his unrivaled soul power, how could he stop there?

The thirty-seventh took shape, then a thirty-eighth, a thirty-ninth, and a fortieth!

Tapping in his reserves, Konrad made one last push, and successfully congealed the forty-one star! There, he stopped, and officially broke through to Star Connection! And at that time, the Ancient Crystal World's sky darkened, from the Barbarian Continent all the way to the Holy Continent, no piece of heaven was spared.

Dark clouds billowed, crackling with lightning and the impending descent of legions of thunderbolts!

The Overlord did not appear.

Neither did The Warden…for Konrad…no longer belonged to their jurisdiction!

On this occasion that he again broke cultivation convention, only the Realm Wills could judge him!


The sky grumbled, and released dozens of pure blue lightning bolts that slammed into the Empyrean Tower, bypassing its defenses to descend upon Konrad!

Undisturbed, he stood up and opened his mouth.

"Innate Skill: Devouring!"

Without a hitch, Konrad directly swallowed the heavenly tribulation, using it to improve on perfection, and let his cultivation base soar!

As the blue thunderbolts vanished, white thunderbolts followed, only to be swallowed within Konrad's gluttonous belly!

Black lightning then descended, and received the same fate!

The forty-one illusory stars went from intangible to tangible, becoming genuine stars that rippled with endless stellar power as Konrad directly reached Star Manifestation!

He then stretched out his hands, connecting the forty-one stars to his body, and merging with them all in one go!

Hence, reaching the peak of Star Fusion!

Endless jade-colored star force undulated around his form while his cultivation stabilized at the peak of the Holy Road!

Feeling the terrible force rising from within the Tower, Dasra no longer hesitated, and to avoid variables, resolved to first dispatch the Valkyries before him.

The silver light giant punched, its fist descending upon Yvonne, threatening to end her.


But before it could, a teenaged looking man with long, fluttering jade hairs, golden eyes, and empyrean looks, appeared and blocked the silver light giant's fist within his right palm.

This youth wore a golden-robe embroidered with a ten-headed horned serpent. That robe, combined with the golden jade crown resting on his head, made his status evident.

"Profane Prince."

Dasra murmured, and attempted to free his giant fist from Konrad's palm.

However…he couldn't!

"At your disservice."

Konrad leisurely replied.

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